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Saturday, December 15, 2007

back home!

We are in Utah for Christmas. We left yesterday afternoon, five hours behind schedule, and arrived in Utah today, at five in the morning. We were behind in schedule because Sam had to stay at work longer then we thought he would have to. Then the gas station had a very, very long line to get gas. by the time we were finally on the road it was the beginning of rush hour. It took two hours to go 41 miles! But once we were out of San Diego we were able to finally go the speed limit and make good time! We did not hit any other traffic. We were going to stop in Vegas but Sam said he really did not want to stop so we kept on driving. G&G did very well on the drive. The first four hours they did not cry at all!!! Then 8 o'clock rolled around (bed time) and then they got fussy. I turned out the dome light and Gilbert fell asleep. About a half hour later and Gwenith fell asleep. When we stopped for gas they did wake up but once we got on the road they fell asleep again with no trouble, except for when we got gas in Nephi (that was at 4 in the morning) they stayed up. But that was ok because we were almost home. When we got to mom's house G&G were very excited to see Grandma. We stayed up for an hour and then all four (five including Grandma) we to sleep.

today has been a day of recuperation for Sam and I but have been having fun visiting with family.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Gilbert is finally getting his front left lateral incisor along with his top molars (3 at a time!). Gwen is also getting her top molars. They are doing very well! not crying or anything. These two have been he best when it comes to cutting teeth.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Gwen's Hair do

I deiced to do Gwen's hair today, we don't have anything planned I just wanted to do it. I guess I got in the mood. Anyways I think it turned out good, not the best, but good for a first try at it. So any of you moms out there that want to give me pointers your comments are very welcomed here!!! Please tell me what you all think!

Gilbert checking out what is in Gwen's hair. All those bright colors, lol

Monday, December 10, 2007


Gwenith and Gilbert got new shoes today (Gwen got some clothes too). They are from a friend (Jessica) from Gwen of course got really excited that she got shoes. She had to wear a pair of her new shoes, even thought she had a pair on already, but they were her old ones.

Both are in size 5 but I don't think Gilbert will be in them too much longer. Anyways the shoes that G&G both got are squeaky shoes. They thought it was funny they made noise when they walked.

warning Sam was the photogapher on this one and it is really shaky

I finially got Gwen dancing on camera!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Gilbert the Dancer

as per some request I am posting more videos of "Gilbert the Dancer"
This was two nights ago.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Happy Birthday Sam

Today was Sam's birthday. I gave him his present at midnight. Which was an ipod shuffle and a new phone. We planned on going to a movie and then bowling but G&G has other plans for us. We went to the theater and tried to see the movie Enchanted but about less then half way thought G&G started getting restless and were playing around by walking around the theater. I was afraid of people getting up set and us not seeing the movie so we went to custom service and got movie certificates / tickets to replace the ones we just bought. We are going to get a baby sitter and try going to the movie another try another day. Because they way they were acting we deiced not to go bowling but to go home and relax and send time together. I made a cake for Sam and Gilbert helped frosting it. Sam would not let me put 29 candles on it.

this is the Birthday boy!

Friday, December 7, 2007

wedding ring

I was upset yesterday because I had lost my wedding ring and could not remember where or when took off my wedding ring. So today Sam and I started looking for it. Sam went thought the trash looking for because G&G love to throw away things. I started to looking in the family room and the computer area. Well after looking for it for a half hour I found it! It was under the printer! I swear I don't know when or why I took it off but I am sure glad I found it

Thursday, December 6, 2007

what a good night

We went to Sam's ship Christmas party tonight. It was really fun. We didn't really do anything but sit at our table and talked to two other couples. But that was really fun. I really like the ladies (Julie & Danika) we were talking to. I felt I had a lot in common with them. I hope to get to know them more at another time.

But here is the big kicker we left Gwen and Gilbert with a babysitter!!! They survived! The ship approved a couple of sitters for parents and we took them up on the offer. I was worried about how Gwen would handle it but after a couple of minutes they were both fine. I checked on them a couple of time to make sure they were not screaming and they were not!!! This would be the first time I have left them with a sitter (beside my mom and my aunt Vicki). I was told that Gwen really bonded with one of the sitters and would not leave her side. The ladies said it was their first time watching twins so they had fun with them and watching how they interacted with each other. They said at on point Gilbert started to cry and Gwen went over to him to make sure he was ok. how cute!

Gwen and Gilbert were up about 2 and half our past their bed time and they were being so good. On the way home I kept them up because it was only a 10 minute drive and I did not want them to fall a sleep just to be moved in a couple of minutes. They were being so cute. We were play peek-a-boo (which is really "were is _____") and we were playing clap our hands and fives. They are so fun!

Look at their tired faces.

But here is some bad news I have lost my wedding ring! I have no idea where it is! I don't even remember where I took it off. I thought I was wearing it until I felt it was not there. I hope I find it.


I had put Gilbert and Gwen down for their nap this afternoon and about a half hour later I hear this banging and then crying coming from their room. Gilbert had once again climb out of his crib and was banging on the door, which caused Gwen to wake up. I don't know what to do. I have rearranged their room twice now to not give Gilbert anything to use to climb with. I am really thinking about buy those pooh bear beds from WalMart. At least then I wont have to worry about Gilbert falling out of his crib and hurting himself.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I now have dancers but shy dancers. Every time I turn on the camera they stop dancing. I am bound and determined to get them on camera! I got a little of Gilbert's Dance but Gwen would not dance for me on camera today maybe tomorrow

Getting Started

I have been wanting to do this for awhile now and I finally got the nerves up to just start typing.

Well I guess I will tell you all a little about me in case you don't know or just have forgotten.

I am Michelle and I have been married to my husband Sam for almost five years now. We met while we were both serving in the Navy on the same ship. We were friends for two years, which included a year of dating, before we got married. I ended up marring my best friend!! While I was in the Navy I was a Navy Postal Clerk. A year after we got married I got out of the Navy, woohoo, and moved back home to Utah, for Sam was on recruiting duty for the Navy in Utah. While we were there I got pregnant and ended up with TWINS! Which turned out to a girl and a boy!!! We named them Gwenith and Gilbert. I am now a stay at home mom (SAHM). Life has been great. I love being a mom to two wonderful babies. I love how each day is not the same. I love seeing my little ones grow and their personality come out. And to make my husband happy I love being a wife too (lol, I really do enjoy being his wife too). In the summer of 2007 Sam recruiting duty tour was over and it was time for him to go back to his "real" job in the Navy. So my little family moved to California! And that is one of the reason I am starting this blog to let my family know how we are doing.