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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wordless Wednesday on a Tuesday

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Monday, September 22, 2008

they finially paid!

Well my renters paid rent today, only 21 days!! They even paid the late fee. I was beginning to worry that they were not going to pay and expect the their deposit to cover their rent for this month. Everyone is telling me to keep their deposit. I am thinking I will, because my house looks bad. No they did not make holes in the wall in the floor. But they did not give me 30 days notice, which in the contract it says they were suppose to give 30 days (In some ways they only gave me 5 days notice!). Then have not been water the lawn for the last two months and it looks it. Their dogs have dug holes in the yard. They are trying to say that when the veranda roof fell it ripe / broke the cover on the hot tub. But they don't know I took picture of it back in March and the cover did not look like it does now!!! Two the of the bedroom curtains need to replaced. Yesterday one of my renter told me that two of the smoke dectors fell down! ok if fell then why did they not tell when it happen so I could fix it??? I hate renting. I don't under stand why people do not take of things?

So what do you think, should I keep the deposit? I have not seen all of the house yet. I do the finially walk though on Friday.

Friday, September 19, 2008

how far along are you?

that is what I was asked this evening! I politely told her I already had the babies, but it is ok because I have not lost the weight. I felt so bad for the lady. The look on her face just broke my heart. I told it is ok. I laughed and told her I still needed to lose the baby weight. As I was walking out the store I was thinking as least I look pregnant and not just fat.

after I got home I started to really think about it and got kind of sad. I had my babies two years go and I am still fat!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New address!

I finally got my new address this afternoon. Oh my goodness I am moving in just little over a month from now! I can't believe it, time went by really fast. I have pretty much been living at my Mom's since February. Sam deployed a couple months later and is due home soon. For those of you that knew where I lived before I am moving back to the same area just a couple houses up the street! I am so glad that I am moving back to my old street. I loved my neighbors. I knew I was going to live in the same community but I was not sure about the street. I can't tell you all how excited I am. The only bad thing is I wanted to move at the beginning of next month but to get the street I wanted I had to move at the end of the month. Oh have I mention how exited I am???

In case anyone wanted to know Gwen is doing very well. She stopped telling me her tummy was hurting after she woke up from her nap this afternoon. Yea they took a nap! I did not thing they were going to take a nap because we woke up at 9:30 this morning but after I wrote that post this morning I went and gave them both a bath to help cool Gilbert's temp. After the bath I dressed them and put Gilbert on my bed while I went to do some laundry and he fell asleep! I kept Gwen up. Then a half hour later I asked her if she was ready for a nap too. She told me yes! They both took about a three hour nap. Gilbert woke up from his nap in a good mood; usually he is very grump after that long of a nap. He still had a temp so I gave him some more Tylenol and we watch Pooh. He did not eat anything today but he drank plenty. I checked his temp this evening before bed and it is still high, so I gave him some more Tylenol and it brought it back down so I think everything is fine. I am hoping tomorrow will be a better day then today.

I was going to blog about this last night never got to it.

My renters came to me yesterday and told me they were moving out at the end of them month. I am so upset. They are only giving me 15 days notice! on the lease they were suppose to give me 30 days!! I have turned the check so many times while they lived in my house. They only had four people on the lease but they had double that. I had four "single" people sign the lease but I know for a fact that they all has their girlfriends living there too but I figured it was not a big deal because they were paying the rent every month and the house was still standing. They were not suppose to be smokers but it turns out they were but I always notice they smoked outside so I figure it was not big deal. Today when I was looking at the house I notice the garage smelt like smoke. I think they have been smoking in there!!! I am so upset. I was not planning on finding new tenants. I asked them two months ago if they were going to stay in the house after their lease was up and they told me yes. I should have had them resign back then. It is a good / bad thing. I was just not panning on on having to find someone.

If anyone knows of someone that needs a place to rent in Sandy, Utah, I have a house that will be available next month. Here is my ad

Last night

Last night right at bed time Gwen started to throw up!! I felt so bad for her. She did not have a fever but she was really pale, so there was really nothing I could do for her beside holding and comforting her. She threw for four hour, off and on, so finally at eleven I took her to the ER, to see if they could give her some antinausea stuff. We sat in the waiting room for a half hour; we were the only ones in there. Finally they took us back to a room where we sat for an hour and half!!! No one ever came in and saw us. Gwen was dry heaving when we first got into the room but had not for a half hour and now she was finally sleepy and was telling me she wanted to go home. I was getting very frustrated just sitting there so we left. I was just going to leave (and no one even looked at us or tried to stop us, but I left like I should say something. So on the way out the door I said something to the nurse just sitting there. She told me I need to sign a paper saying we left. I told her why I was leaving and she told me they were really busy. I am sorry I don't care how "busy" they were someone should have came into the room to make sure everything was ok. So I felt like maybe I was making something out of nothing.

When we got home Gwen still had not thrown up any more so we went to bed in my bed, this was at about 1230 am. At about 2 am I heard throwing up and realize Gwen was no longer in my bed and the throwing up were coming from Gilbert's bed. I thought oh great Gwen climbed into bed with Gilbert and is now throwing up on Gilbert!! I hurried and picked up what I thought was Gwen when I suddenly realized that it was Gilbert! He was the throwing up and he had a temp! He was not burning up but it was higher than usual, nothing that worried me. I cleaned him up and took him to bed with me. That is when I realized that Gwen was a sleep on the floor by my bed. (Side note for those that do not know we are right now living at my mom's while Sam is deployed and we are all sleeping in one room) Gilbert pretty much threw all night/morning. It was nothing big just small amount. That he always threw up in a bowl so it was nothing to clean up. Which made it easy I would hear him start to gag and give him the bowl. After he did his thing we then would go back to sleep. Gwen woke up a couple of times and asked for her sippy. I told her no because I knew she would just throw it up. She would cry a little and go back to sleep.

I pretty much got no sleep. The last time I looked at the clock it was 6 am, which is our usual wake up time. But Gwen and Gilbert slept in until 930 am!!! That has never happened before. So I think I got two a half hours of undisturbed sleep.

Gwen is doing ok this morning/afternoon. She tells me her tummy hurt but she has not thrown up. Gilbert still is warm. I took his temp and it is 100.6 so it not warrants going to the doctor. He asked for a milk sippy this morning. I did not really want to give it to him but he asked for it so I gave in and gave it to him. He did throw up a little of it but not all of it

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

2 years 2 months & 2 weeks

yep Gwen and Gilbert are now 2 years, 2 months and 2 weeks old!

I just love the twos!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Wordless Wednesday on a Tuesday

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Can anyone explain . . .

to me why a 3 pack boy's underwear are a dollar more then a 3 pack girls underwear?? I have gone to several places and it like that at all of them. Another thing I don't understand is why boys underwear has the pictures on the back of them and the girls has it on the front of them. These are the things I am pondering today.

I am so proud of Gwenith and Gilbert! both of them did not have an accident this morning!!!! We even went to the store with both of them wearing underwear and had no accidents!!! Gilbert pulled down his own pants and went potty all by himself with out telling me he had to, this morning! Gwen used the "big potty" when we got home :) I am so proud of them!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

pictures of Sam on 9/11

The flag combination reads “Never Forget 9/11” along with the Battle Ensign
These are of Sam reading the time line that happen on 9/11

seven years ago - I was in boot camp

can you believe it has been sevens since that tragic day. It seems so unreal to me still though. For those for you that don't know I was in boot camp that day. I was on week 7 (or was week 5, I can't remember now). That is when we do service for boot camp. I was a medical yeomen and was assigned to the (galley) mess hall. I was suppose to make sure everyone was working where they were suppose to and doing what they were suppose to be doing. I was walking around with another medical yeomen from another division. He (I really wish I could remember his name) was telling me he heard someone talking about an airplane flying into the world trade center. He was worried about his dad because he flies air planes. I told him there is no way that happened and it was just made up. The air plane would have to be flying really low and I high doubted that. Turns out I was wrong! With in an hour we heard the MSs (they guys in charge of us, they are now called CS in the Navy) talking about it. So I pulled one aside and asked him if it was true. He told he was not suppose to tell me this yet but yes it was. With in a half hour all of medical yeomen was called into the office we were told what happened. We were told to keep a close eye on our division and to make sure no one does anything stupid. The MSs were going to muster everyone together after the breakfast was done being served and tell everyone what had happened. They pretty much just told us that the rumor was true that A plane flew into a building in New York and a lot of people did not make it. That was all they told us and our RDCs would tell us more when we got back to our barracks that evening. The rest of the serving day was very solemn. I had to go around and make sure everyone was not freaking out. Boot camp was pretty much in lock down. We could not go anywhere. We could not leave the galley to go back to the barracks until our RDC that was three people that were in charge of my division) came to get us, the day before I had marched us back but I could no longer do that. the walk/march back was very quiet. When we got back to our barracks our RDCs told use more that happened. They told us that we could go up the the boys compartment (I forgot what we called it) to watch the News on TV but we had to just sit there and not talk. So all the girls went to the floor above us, where the boys in our division lived, to watch the News. We were only allowed to watch about ten minutes it because some girls started to cry so we had to turn off the TV and go back down to our room. What we did see what the same footage of the planes flying into the building, that is all I remember. We went back down to our compartment and talked about what we saw. Boot camp was very weird after that day. We were pretty much on lock down for about two or three weeks afterwards, I think we were until graduation. I never really got to see much on 9/11 until a week later when I went home on emergency leave (my uncle died not in 9/11). I remember being in the airport waiting for my plain to fly back home and looking all the magazines and news paper on it. I so badly wanted to buy one but could not Backus I had not money. I asked the guy at the counter to tell me what was going on because I knew nothing, I explained to him I was in boot camp. I can't remember what he told me.

To me it seem so unreal, almost like it was a movie, even now days. I think it has to do with I was in boot camp and was sheltered from all the broadcast that was done on it. Within six weeks after graduated from boot camp I went to my first ship and then on a seven month deployment.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Gilbert's train

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Monday, September 8, 2008

Wordless Wednesday on a Tuesday - Gwen hard at work

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

state fair

My family and I went to the state fair Friday. The Fair is not what I remember it to be like when I was kid. I swear when I was a kids it was a lot bigger, more animals and a lot funner, lol. But really it was not what I remember it to be. I swear there use to be more animals there and less booths that tried selling you stuff when I was a kid. It seemed to have gone downhill quite a bit over the years and one ride cost between 3 to 5 dollars! that is way to much. If it was just me and the kids I would have bought them maybe enough tickets to ride one ride but my mom was there and enough tickets for all four of them to ride a couple of rights which I think cost my mom sixty dollars!! Gwen and Gilbert got so excited when they saw the carousel.

I did not take any pictures for the live stock. Gilbert got really excited to see the cows. When we were walking though the building that held the cows Gilbert and Gwen were saying cow and mowing the whole time. It was so cute.

Talon , Gilbert and Gwen all rode the ponies (which is the one thing I always wanted to ride when I was kid but never got to). All three of them were so cute. They had huge smiles the whole time they were on the ponies.

What was funny was when we were waiting in line for the pony ride I was a family I know from San Diego!! She was in town visiting her family. Then after the ride I saw my Grandpa's cousin (I don't know what they makes them to me). Boy this big would is small.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I went to the doctor last week for my annual exam. My wonderful doctor, yes I really do like him, if anyone is looking for a good OBGYN just ask, anyways . . . my wonderful doctor said everything is fine and he just wanted to do a blood draw and check out somethings. Well I got the phone call today on my results. Everything is fine, (my cholesterol went down from last year, still a little high but nothing to get worked up about), but my thyroid level came back low! He has put me on a medication that I now have to take for two months. Right before it is gone I will have to go back to the office and get my level rechecked. I really hope this helps and explain a lot of things that is going on with me. After I got the news I went and pick up my medication. Which is a good thing because it is suppose to be taken first thing in the morning before I eat anything. After I picked the med I look up hypothyroidism. This is what I found.

When the production of thyroid hormone decreases below the normal body's need, the condition is referred to as hypothyroidism. Without enough thyroid hormone, the body becomes tired and run down. Every organ system slows—the brain slows down making it difficult to concentrate, the gut slows down causing constipation, and metabolism slows down causing weight gain. Although there are many different causes of an underactive thyroid gland, the resulting effect on the body is the same.


The most common cause of hypothyroidism in the United States is chronic autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto's thyroiditis), a condition characterized by inflammation and damage to the thyroid tissue. Damage occurs because immune cells which usually fight off infection and colds, attack the body's own thyroid tissue instead.

there are a couple listed but this is what stands out to me:

Thyroiditis is especially common in the post partum period (it is also sometimes confused with postpartum depression) and may require thyroid hormone adjustments. It is also important to note that hypothyroidism (and hyperthyroidism) can sometimes cause unexplained infertility or miscarriages particularly early in pregnancy. Therefore, thyroid function tests are often a routine part of evaluating a patient who may have problems with pregnancy. In addition, during pregnancy, the requirements for thyroid hormone may increase, and should be monitored closely in the first and second trimester. Although some forms of thyroid disease may actually improve during pregnancy, pregnancy is also often associated with the development of benign thyroid disease.


The symptoms of hypothyroidism are mainly dependent on the amount of decrease in thyroid hormone and duration of time that the decrease has been present. For most patients, the symptoms are mild and can often be confused with other problems. The symptoms may include the following:

  • high cholesterol
    fatigue and muscle swelling or cramps (mainly in the arms and legs)
    tingling in the fingers
    loss of equilibrium
    weight gain
    dry skin and cold intolerance

    yellow skin
    coarseness or loss of hair
    goiter (enlarged thyroid causing a lump in the neck)
    memory and mental impairment
    decreased concentration
    or heavy menstruation
    infertility or miscarriages
    slowed heart rate
    myxedema: fluid infiltration of the tissues causing puffiness (mainly in the face)

Treatment and Management

Since hypothyroid patients are deficient in thyroid hormone, they are treated with hormone replacement drugs such as levothyroxine (that is what I am taking). Although thyroid hormone drugs produce no allergic reactions or side-effects, their effectiveness may be decreased by patient age or by interactions with other drugs. Therefore, it is important that the physician is informed about any other medications the patient may be taking.

Once blood tests confirm that the patient is on the correct dose of medication, the frequency of office visits can be reduced. A follow-up in 6 months and then annually is a common schedule. During follow-up visits, an appropriate interim history and physical examination is performed along with appropriate tests.

I am glad to know that is something worng with me and it is not all in my head. Now I just have to take one pill a day and hopefully that make me feel better!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


These are from a couple of days ago but I just downloaded my camera and had to share them

Gwen tackling Gilbert

Gwen won that match!
so to make Gilbert feel better she tickled him!

she was not done with him yet
He needed a hug too
a couple of minutes later Gilbert got his rematch and he won that one, lol

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


This past weekend my Mom, my two nephews (Jason and Talon), Gwenith, Gilbert and I all went camping. It was a last minute thing. We were suppose to go up to Washington visit the Grandparents but my Mom's camper did not get done at the auto shop in time to get on the road on Friday so we decide to go camping on Saturday instead. We had a very good time. We went to Midway, UT. We only camped out one night because the weather was suppose to be bad Sunday (it was!).We had a blast even thought Jason was being a preteen (enough said). He did not want to do anything. It was like pulling teeth with him. Gwen and Gilbert were very well behaved until it came time to go to sleep. Even though they did not have a nap that day they did not want to go to sleep. Because I was having troubles getting them to sleep my whole family decide to go to sleep to see if that would help them get to sleep. That did help. They went to sleep within a couple of minutes.The next day we went on a hike. Gwenith and Gilbert were doing very well. At one point Gwenith was walking very slow so I picked her up and put her on my shoulders. She really enjoyed. But at one point on the trail there was some low branched so I had to put her down. at first she did not to walk but once I told her she had to go under the branches she was fine with that but once we got thought them she wanted me to pick her back up. I put her on my shoulders again but she though a big fit. She wanted me to hold her on my hip which was not comfortable to hike/walk with her like that. So the rest of the hike she cried which made the rest of the hike not fun.

These pictures are from our hike.

Gwen and Gilbert are walking in front of Jason.
Gilbert chilling on the bridge while I am trying to get a group photo.