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Thursday, January 31, 2008

hats, bath & kisses

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


well Sam is gone the next three days. I am so not happy with this. Why because this means they are one step closer to being ready to go on deployment! The good news is they are not going to move the deployment up like the rumors were saying they were going to.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Just any ordinary day

So what do you think of the new layout? I have been wanting to change the background since I started this thing but could not find one that I liked. And since I have no idea how to make one (write one) I have settled on this one.

Nothing really is happening here. Just raining here. I have not gone walking in about a week now and I really miss it. It was not raining here the usual time I go walking but Gwen & Gilbert both have runny noses so I opted not to go.

I dislike duty days.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

He is home!

As most of you know President Gordon B. Hinkley passed away this evening. Its weird to think that he has been the Prophet since I was in high school. He did many good things for the church and he had had good impact on the world. I am very grateful that I was able to know his teaching and was able to follow his counselling. I will miss his talks. But I am grateful to know that he is with is wife again, for eternity, and is in our Heavenly Father's arms again.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mormon Battalion

Today we went to a celebration for the Mormon battalion, for on this day 161 years ago (1847) they arrived here in San Diego after a march of 1,900 miles from Iowa. this is a good website about the history if you would like to know more &

this is of Gilbert learning to wash clothes

Sam & Gil roasting a biscuit. G&G holding hands. Gilbert making a brick

Sam and Gilbert panning for gold. G&G making music

these are the dolls that Sam and I made for G&G

Friday, January 25, 2008

G&G appoinment

We are back from Gwen & Gilbert's appointment with their new pedi and we love him!!!!! He is a 1000 times better then the other one she shall never talk about again!! He said "Gilbert is so not autistic" and he would have never referred a 16 month old to speech he would have said something to me about working with Gwen more and if she did pick up any new words by now (18 months) and at the 2 year old appointment he would have then referred us to a speech therapist. Gwen now say about 10 words and Gilbert says 11 words. he just this past week has pick up two new words so he has passed Gwen on saying words. the pedi says they are both look really good. he is a little worry about Gilbert's he tilt, so we are going to start stretching his neck out. i have never notice it before so I guess it is nice to have fresh eyes.

Gilbert is still hold strong at a even 20 lbs, 31 1/2 inches long and 18 1/2 head.
Gwen is now 21 lb 13 oz (she went down in weight but I think the stupid doctor's office weighted her wrong last time), 30 1/2 inches long and 18 1/2 head.

They are still small but they have their own little growth curve which is just fine!!

I really like this new doctor and his nurse. The receptionist was not to nice, but the first thing the doctor said to us was sorry about her. that he saw how she treated us (I did not even see him standing there) and he pulled her in the back room and had a talk to her. She a little rude to me because I was late and said they would only see Gilbert and could not see Gwen because we were 10 minutes late. My only complaint is that I had to pay 6 dollars for parking (dh and I took separate cars) and I did not have any money on me.

just a side note we are going to this nonprofit place (it is privately run) that is working with Gwen and Gilbert to learn how to sign and to encourage them to talk. Gilbert has learned "pick up", "more" and the sign for more. Gwen did not learn anything this week. We have only been going for a week now and we are only suppose to be going for seven weeks, two times a week. So I am excited to see what is going to happen over those weeks.

Oh and both of them know how to open doors now!

one more thing. gilbert has now gone pee twice IN the potty. Gwen has gone pee once ON the potty. She will not sit on the potty unless the lid is closed. they are both sleeping in their toddler beds full time. We removed their cribs from their room last night so their will be no turning back now.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


After the beach we went over to the mall, which is across the street (freeway) from the San Diego Temple. The view was so beautifull that I had Sam stop and so I could take some pictures. Ilove how the temple picks up the hues from the sunset.

These pictures were from when we were leaving the mall. The temple is so beautiful at night all lit up. The last picture is that way because of a street lamp but it is really cool.


We went to the beach today. It was really nice weather. Gilbert has a blast. He chased the birds, made new friends, and played in the water. Gwenith was not sure of things. She did like walking in the sand though (with her shoes on). As you can see by the pictures it was low tide. It was kind of cool to see how low far back the water goes.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

some pictures

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Well I have been walking now for two weeks and have not missed a day in over a week. I missed last weekend (Friday and Saturday) because it was raining here. I feel really good! I can't believe how good I feel. I really like this feeling!!!! I have lost three pounds! I doing my best not to eat junk food. But I made cookies last week but I was really good about eating them. I only allowed myself a couple to eat in one day and I think that helped not putting on what I am walking off. My goal is to start running what I walking. I am going to walk around my neighborhood this whole month. Then next month I am going to start running half of the track I am walking then in two months I am going to run it. I drove the way I walk the other day and it is 2 miles and that is up hill and down hill. It takes me a hour to walk it.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Mr clean magice eraser

All I can is I love this! Gilbert got a hold of a permanent marker and colored all over my tile entry way. All I could think crap now I need to replace the tiles. Then I thought wait I have the eraser lets try that and see if that work and it did!! I wished I would have done a before and after to show you all but I did not think about taking a picture when I saw the mess.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Grandpa Curry

G&G were able to meet their Grandpa Curry and Carolyn this afternoon. As usual they were not sure of the strangers at first but after a couple of minutes they warmed up to them. It was cute to see them play shy and run between Sam and I. Then out of the blue Gwen walk up to Grandpa Curry and let him hold her, just for a second. Then back to mom she went. Gilbert was really excited to see their dogs. He really wanted to go in the back yard and play with them. He kept telling Grandpa Curry and Carolyn that he wanted to have the dogs come here. He spent a good amount of the time in the back room looking out in the back yard at the dogs

Friday, January 11, 2008

naps just don't work!

ok I have now tried for a half hour now to get G&G to go take a nap in their beds and it was not working! I finally gave up and up them in their cribs. they were laughing like it was a game or playtime. I think it is too light in their room and since they can get out of their beds really easily they want to play with each other and explore their room (even though nothing is in it right now). I might have to hang a blanket or something to get them to go to sleep during the day. oh well at least I have gotten them to sleep in their beds at night twice in row! here's to hoping I can make it three times tonight!

2nd night

Well Gwen and Gilbert slept the whole night in their beds last night! I heard no crying and no falling out of the beds this time around. I wonder if they learned not to roll around so much. This morning I woke up to giggling. Gilbert was on Gwen's bed playing with each other. I am so happy they are getting use to the beds.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

almost all night

Well last night G&G slept in their beds for the first time! Gilbert woke up at 10:30 and was crying. I think he rolled out of bed because I heard a thump right before he started to cry. I cradle him. He fell back to sleep so I just put him back in bed and things were fine. Until around 3:30 am when Gilbert and Gwenith started to cry. I don't remember which started to cry first, I think it was Gilbert. Sam and I laid in their beds with them but Gwen would not go back to sleep. It would have been cute if it was not 3 in the morning. because she would not go back to sleep she was talking and that was disturbing Gilbert. We then tried to take them into our bed but still Gwen would not go back to sleep. Finally at 4 Sam put them in their cribs. they fell back to sleep. I think it was a very good first night in their beds. I put them in their beds again tonight. It was almost a replay of last night. They both got into their beds I tucked them in and said good night. When I closed their door Gilbert started to cry but it sounded like he stayed in bed and with in a couple of minutes he stopped crying. So far things are good. I have not heard them roll around as much. Lets just hope they sleep all night! Sam has duty tonight so it is just me so I really hope they don't tag team me, lol

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


We kept G&G up a half hour later then usual. Then we put them in their beds. They went straight to sleep absolutely no crying! I mean NONE!! Oh I am so excited. Lets just hope they sleep thought the whole night!