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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I just got spammed! I have had this blog for almost two years and never been spammed before. I changed my settings so hopefully this never happens again

Way Back When-sday - Veteran's Day part 2

after I wrote the last post I decided that I should have not done me. I should have done my heritage!

My Grandpa
I don't know when my guess is in the 50s
My Dad

And me again
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Way Back When-sday - Veteran's Day

since its Veteran's Day I figure I would do a picture of me!

This picture was taken in 2001 on deployment for the cruise book (it like a year book)
This picture brings back so many memories.

Date: Sept 23, 2001
I was actually in boot camp at this time, but went home on emergency leave because my Uncle Brad died. Nikki was in training/school to become a cop. Me. Jeremy is in his Army uniform. He home on emergency leave too. Josh was still in high school. He actually enlisted in the Army four years ago. So 3 of 4 siblings in my family are Vets! If you count our spouses into that 5 of 6 are Vets (6 out 8 if you count exs)! My dad and his dad (my Grandpa) were Navy and My mom's dad (my Grandpa) was National Guard.

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bonus pic

Date: some time in 2003
Sam and I

Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Halloween

So I am a little late, better late then never!

Gwen asking Gilbert where his shawdow is

This is Peter Pan and Tinker Bell looking at thier shadows (again)

After I toke a ton of pictures I realized Gwen did not have her wings on so I had to take more!

Gwen and Gilbert loved dressing up! They wore their costumes all day. We went to church at 1 to do trunk-or-treat. They won the cutest costume award their! We went home ate dinner and finally at 5 we went out into the neighborhood. We started out by ourselves but because we moved super slow some of our neighbors caught up to us. Gwen and Gilbert loved being in a group so we tagged along with three of our neighbors aka "our friends". We only did the street we lived on. Which is funny because last year we actually did more of the neighborhood. I just did not want to do more because I did not want to get more candy. because I know I would end up eating most of it (which turned out not to be true, Gilbert has a sweet tooth!).

We went home to hand out candy. I think that was actually Gilbert's favorite part of the day! He just sat in the patio chair and let the trick-or-treaters come to him. If they did not day trick-or-treat Gilbert told them to say it!!! It was soooo cute!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

This is what I saw

About two hours ago I went to check up on Gwen and Gilbert after they finally fell a sleep and this is what I found . . .

. . .

. . .

. . . .

Now you may notice that Gwen's and Gilbert's mattress may look a little lumpy. Ok I admit I did not spend a lot of money on the kids mattresses but I promise they were not lumpy when I put them to bed tonight.

If you look closer you may notice . . .

they stuffed their beds with stuff animals/dolls! Every single doll was in their beds! Gwen and Gilbert were crammed up next to their headboard. I really wish I could have taken a better picture of Gilbert but I was afraid of the flash waking him up.

It only took me a couple of seconds to unstuffed their beds but the whole time I was giggling at them. I wish I could have been their when they came up with the idea to put all the dolls in their beds.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I have lost my wedding ring!! It has been miss for four days now!!!

A year ago

Its weird to think that year ago Sam was coming home today and today he is gone. He was not even home a year between deployments. But in a lot of ways I am not complaining!!! There are many soldiers and sailors out there that are gone for over a year. My brother was gone for 18 months straight!!!! Sam hopefully will only do less then half of what my brother did.