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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


My Children have been sick now for over a week, it has not been fun here at all!! Gwen got sick I believe last Monday. She had three days of a fever then on the fourth she started to cough and dry heaving, the day before she stopped eating. So on the fourth day I called the doctors office and got us in. They had us do all these test which all came back fine!! Doc said it was a virus nothing she could do about it.  When Gwen got her blood drawn Gilbert wanted his blood taken too. It was funny and sad too, he was so upset. The next day Gwen started to feel better! But I could tell Gilbert was coming down with it. For the last three days Gilbert has been sick. Unlike Gwen he will not take any medicine to bring down his fever. Which is kind of funny because about a year ago he love taking medicine, he manage to get the top off of a bottle of Tylenol and drink some, of course I called poison control freaking out, but was told that unless he drank the whole bottle there was nothing to worry about and to just watch him.  Anyways last night Gilbert temp was high again, I do not know how high, but it was really hot to the touch. Once again I tried to get him to take medicine but he wouldn't so I put him in the bath and gave him a luck warm bath. Gilbert really enjoyed it, it brought down him temp and slept though the rest of the night. Today we went to commissary I saw some Tylenol melt away so I bough it. Since Gilbert temp is still warm (so is Gwen's) I gave them each one, which they both liked! On the bottle the age range they are in says to give them 3 each, but their weigh range says to give them 2. since their fever was not high I only gave the 1 each. They really like it.   Tonight I gave them both another one since their fevers seem to peak at night. So for there has been no crying! This is the First time in over week I will go to bed alone , I don't know if that is a good thing or bad thing.

In between all that I have not been feeling to well myself. I am just hoping I do not catch what they have:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Last night I was sitting on the floor cutting coupons while I was watching TV.  At 9:20pm my two dogs started to freak out a second later my ground below me started to move!  And there was this sound like a big truck passing the house (which they don’t)  I just sat there.  first I looked at the TV thinking what's Earthquakesgoing on.  Then it hit me this a EARTHQUAKE!  By the time it took my process this all, it was over.  I got up and called my mom and started to cry.  I had been thought my first earthquake that I have actually felt.  I have been though a couple of quakes but I have never felt them, so this different, it was real!

The quakes started at 9:26 pm with one centered 5 miles southeast of Ocotillo. The first quake was first reported as a magnitude 5.9 but later downgraded it to a magnitude 5.7!  That first temblor was quickly followed by a series of quakes, according to the USGS. One recorded as a 3.9 magnitude happened at 9:29 pm. Then one registering a 3.6 magnitude occurred at 9:31 p.m., followed by a 3.2 magnitude at 9:33 pm, followed by a 4.0 and 3.9 both at 9:36 pm.  There were 34 quakes that first hour after the 5.7 magnitude quake.  Many of the smaller quakes were recorded less than 10 miles from Ocotillo Wells, but I lost count after first hour.  The short but powerful quake hit in a strong first wave, then rolled for some time afterward. The quake that emanated nearly 70 miles from San Diego.

Nothing fell off the wall and nothing was damaged and no was hurt!  They only thing I am upset about is how poorly I reacted.  I should have gotten up and to a safe location, not just sat there. I should have been worried about my kids.  but I just sat there.  G&G slept though the quake.  Which I was thankful for since is was not major.

This afternoon I talked to G&G about earthquakes.  I told them that if the ground starts to move to go to a doorway and stay there until the ground stops moving.  When the ground stops moving to go outside and get help.  I have not idea if that is right or not.  I just remember from the one or two drills I did in elementary school a while back.  From what I remember they said to stop drop, get under our desk (cover) and hold on to them, then get out of the school.  I would think it would be almost like that at home,  drop get on the ground,  get cover under a table or something and hold on, then get out.  Right?  I guess I will need to look into this.