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Sunday, October 26, 2008


I know I have not been on much this month. I am sorry to those that do read this blog things have just been very busy here. This past week I have been packing up my stuff here at my mom's house. It is amazing how much stuff we have been accumulated in 9 1/2 months!!! The things I brought down here came in three car load but I am taking everything back to San Diego in a 8x5 trailer! WE have gotten so much stuff. I never realized how much stuff I buy in just 9 months. My kids have tons of clothes and toys!! I brought all of Gwenith and Gilbert's toys when we moved here, then they were given more toys for their birthday and of course I bought them toys over the course of the last couple of months so they have tons!!! Now I have to move them all. I tried to give away some of them but just could not. I don't know why but I sometimes hoard things and for some reason it seems to be their toys. When we get back to San Diego I am really going to go though them and give some away. I am also going to go though their clothes to. I have decide to try to sell their baby clothes on ebay. I have some really cute clothes. I was keeping them hoping to have another baby, but I am slowly realizing that that wish/hope might not come true. So I am going to sell the clothes.

We are heading to San Diego tomorrow!!!!! I have never driven a car pulling a trailer so please keep me in your thoughts. I am a little scared! My mom is driving to San Diego with me so I feel the pressure a little off my shoulders.

I should have Internet in my new house the day I move in so hopefully I can get on here on Tuesday to let you all know how the drive went.

Heather, Taylar, Gwenith, Gilbert and I went Trick or Treating at trick or treat street this past Friday. They all had a blast. Gilbert was really cute he knocked at all the doors and said "treat". I was not to impressed with the event. It cost 7 dollars per person. Which would have been not so bad if It was just the kids but the adults had to pay to. That would been ok if the adults were trick or treat but most (none that I saw) were not!!! Why have the adults pay???? I asked them ticket people if I had to pay too. they asked me if I wanted to go in to? Of course I wanted to go int. I am not going to let my two 2 year olds go in there by themselves! I think it was a ripe off!!!! But any ways here are some pictures of my kids there.

oh if any body wanted to know Sam is now in Hawaii! In my last post he was in Guam. I was going to do this nice post about Guam but things happened and I never got to do it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

USA Territory

Sam is back in USA Territory!!!!

More info to come later on . . . .

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Gwen and Gilbert were taking a bath last night. I walked out of the bathroom for just second. I walk back in and suddenly Gwen and Gilbert taking a bubble bath!! They had gotten a hold of a 24 oz bottle of bubbles that was almost completely full and dumped the hold thing! Because they were splashing they created bubbles! they were so proud of themselves. Since they had just dumped the whole bottle I decided that we should take advantage of the bubbles so I filled up the bath with more water. Gwen and Gilbert had a blast!! They usually take about a 20 minutes bath, but that day they stayed in the bath for over an hour! And bubbles lasted the whole time! I finally let out the bubbles, I mean water. Gwen and Gilbert did not want out.

Did I mention it snowed Sunday??? We got 5 inches of snow!! I can not remember it ever snowing this early. I can recall it had snowed on Halloween once. maybe twice, but that is the end of the month not middle of the month! Gwenith and Gilbert loved the now. They were calling the snow flakes bubbles! They are so cute.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sam in Hong Kong

The other day Sam was visiting Hong Kong. This is the second time Sam has been there. The first time was in 2001 with me! Well we did not hang out at that port but we were suppose to but we just never got together and hung out, instead we hung out in Singapore and haven't stopped yet (beside deployments, lol)! I would tell you all more about this place but honestly I don't know much about. Plus when I was there seven years ago I was sick there. All I remember about the place it that it smelt very bad, but I think that was because I was really not feeling well the three days we were there. I wouldn't mind going back there one day so I could really visit it and have fun. Here are some pictures of Sam in Hong Kong.

This the LDS Temple in Hong Kong!

The Hong Kong Skyline

Sunday, October 12, 2008

my first blog award

I never thought I would ever get one of these awards but Tina has given me my very first award! Thank you so much you made my day. It is nice to know that someone out there likes my blog.
One of the nice thing about this award is that I get to pass it long to seven other fellow bloggers. After some thinking I have deceid to pass it long to:

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

I am still a live

can you believe it has been two weeks since the last time I was on here!!!! The reason I have not been on is because my youngest brother just out of the Army and has been staying at my mom's house in the family room. Guess where my computer is . . . in the family room. So to give him and his family some space we (G&G and I) have been staying out of the family room.

So how has it seen to have my brother, his wife and his baby living here? Well not to bad. It has been really nice to get to know my sister-in-law better! I have learned a lot more about her. As first I thought she did not not me or my family but now I know she does like us and she is just really quite. I really like her!

In case anyone wanted to now Sam comes in in just a little over three weeks!!!! I am so excited. The last six months kind of went by really fast. There were points thought out that seemed like his home coming would never come and I did not know if I could get thought this deployment, but really truly it was not bad. The next deployment I will not move home. I think it will be easier to stay in San Diego and just come home for "long visits". Can you believe I am already talking about the next deployment! But guess what it is coming up faster then you think. Lets just say Sam will only be home for a year or so!

Did I mention it SNOWED this morning!!!!! It did not stick but it snowed almost all day long, with a little rain mixed in.

now off to read some blogs I have two weeks of catching up to read