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Thursday, October 7, 2010

its a . . .

The ultrasound took a bit longer than usual, which is saying a lot since I am use to ultrasound for twins. This ultrasound also was very boring that I have ever had. There was only one screen and the tech got to see everything. When she turned the monitor toward me and I saw the head I kind knew something was up. I am use to ultrasound pictures after all the ones I had with G&G. The head had a black spot on it and I almost ask the tech what it was but did not. The tech was having a little trouble seeing a good picture of the heart but was not worried about it. I asked about the gender so she went to check that out and she had her knees locked tight, lol. Because she could not see her heart well she had me walk around a bit. When I came back it the tech a little better picture of the heart but not as good as they usually like. The baby’s heart was right behind my belly button. The tech looked for the gender again and this time I was told it’s a GIRL! She is 10oz. Heart rate is 153 and measuring 19weeks 3 days.

I was told I could clean up and use the bathroom. I was about to leave when the tech came in the bathroom and told me the doctor wanted to see me. I went to see the doctor he told me there is a cyst on the baby's brain. It’s called Choroid Plexus Cyst. He went on to tell me it’s nothing really to worry about since there is no other abnormally with the baby. That it should go away on its own.

I am having another ultrasound when I am in my third trimester. They are going to make sure the cyst went away and take another look at the heart.

Friday, October 1, 2010

19 Weeks

This pregnancy has flown by!

Things are going good. I had no morning sickness, I didn't with G&G either. At my appointment last week I had gained no weight!!! My midwife wants me to gain no more then 20. I want to gain no more then 10. I can get away with that be I am over weight to begin with. I am not dieting or anything. But I am watching what I eat. Plus it helps that nothing sounds good right now and I am craving nothing! But that is a double edge sword because when I am hungry nothing sounds good and I want nothing. There has been a couple of times I made a meal that sounds good but once it is all done I don't want to eat it. I then have a salad instead. I love salads!!! I hated chololate with G&G and at first with this one I did not like it either. Now I can handle a little bit here and there but it is still not my favorite. Now if only it stays that way after I have the baby.

Anyways things are going good beside my back hurts from to time. I don't remember having back pain when I was pregnant with twins. I miss sleeping on my stomach! I was never a stomach sleeper until I joined the navy and was stationed on a ship. I am having trouble sleeping. But that should go way after the baby is a couple months old, lol.

My ultrasound is next Thursday. I can't wait. I keep having dreams that I find out I am having twins and they are conjoined at that appointment. I don't know what means. Yes we are going to find out what we are having. I really would like to have a girl, but I would be happy with a boy to. Gilbert keeps saying it's a boy. At one point he was saying it was twins too. I finally told him there was only one baby in there and he was upset for a couple of hours. Gwen has always said it was a girl. She ask me all the time if she gets to hold the baby and feed her. They are both every excited to become big brother and big sister.