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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A year!

I can not believe its been a year since I have updated this blog. Where has time gone?!? So much has happened. Where to begain?

Well lets see first off I had my baby! She was born February 27 on her due date! We named her after my twin sister Melissa but without the M. Her name is Elissa. I am going to hold off on more details and share them on her birthday.

Gwenith and Gilbert are now attending kindergarten. They go full days, which was a hard adjustment for me. I had been with them every second for their lives up to them going to school. Its weird not having them around all day. Plus its like having an only child too, which is nice to since I never had that with G&G. G&G loves school and their teacher.

Sam is no longer enlisted, as of this month he is now an officer in the Navy!

Me . . . well I am still a mom and enjoying life. I am going to save the rest for later so I can have something to blog about!