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Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Halloween

So I am a little late, better late then never!

Gwen asking Gilbert where his shawdow is

This is Peter Pan and Tinker Bell looking at thier shadows (again)

After I toke a ton of pictures I realized Gwen did not have her wings on so I had to take more!

Gwen and Gilbert loved dressing up! They wore their costumes all day. We went to church at 1 to do trunk-or-treat. They won the cutest costume award their! We went home ate dinner and finally at 5 we went out into the neighborhood. We started out by ourselves but because we moved super slow some of our neighbors caught up to us. Gwen and Gilbert loved being in a group so we tagged along with three of our neighbors aka "our friends". We only did the street we lived on. Which is funny because last year we actually did more of the neighborhood. I just did not want to do more because I did not want to get more candy. because I know I would end up eating most of it (which turned out not to be true, Gilbert has a sweet tooth!).

We went home to hand out candy. I think that was actually Gilbert's favorite part of the day! He just sat in the patio chair and let the trick-or-treaters come to him. If they did not day trick-or-treat Gilbert told them to say it!!! It was soooo cute!


Aubrey said...

How adorable! The shadow pictures are funny. I saw a few little gentlemen wearing those Pan costumes in Disneyland and fell instantly in love with them! Gilbert looks so cute!

That corgi :) said...

your children are soooo beautiful and handsome! I loved their costumes; what a cute theme!

glad they won the contest at church too for their outfits :)

isn't trunk-n-treat fun? our old church in Montana used to do it; so much fun and kids get tons of candy :)

you have a cute blog; thank your hubby for serving our country from me (and thank you too because I know you are serving too by staying home and keeping the family going while he is gone)

did you find your wedding ring??

thanks for visiting Koda's blog :)