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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Life goes on

Sometimes navy wives bug me!

Sam ship had to to increase their working hours to 7 days a week! The ship is going though a very import inspection and our sailors need to work on the ship to make sure it top shape to pass that inspection. Well some spouse are having a fit because of this. They are complaining that they will never get to spend time with their sailor. Other spouse are having a fit because they so far away they only get to see their husbands on weekends. That they don't understand why their spouses have to work so much.

Well our spouses made a commitment with our government to be sailors and to defend our country and keep the upkeep of the ship. The ship is the number one priority! Yes that sucks big time for the sailors that have families, but it is our sailor's job and duty. If the ship can't sail, go out to sea, then our spouses have failed!

The ones that live far away is their fault no where in the sailor's orders does it say they could not move there family with them. Plus the ones that live out of state, there is a big handful that does, and travel home on the weekends are in the wrong. According to the Navy a sailor is only allowed to travel, I believe, three hundred miles away from the ship. They should be going that far without having permission. Plus if the spouse is upset she can not see her sailor then why doesn't she travel here on the weekend to see her sailor during all of this!?!?

They all need understand that stand that right now our sailors do not need for us to be complaining about working hours. Our sailors know it sucks. They need us to be there for them and encourage our sailors to do thief job because complaining does not help them it just puts them in a bad mood. If our sailors work hard and do theirs jobs and get the ship to where it needs to be the working hours will relax and go back to normal. This is not forever! We should be grateful our spouses have job. That they are not doing work ups to get ready for deployment. It is temporary things will get back to normal.


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