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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

spider in the toilet!

I am cleaning the house so when the guy comes to spray my house tomorrow he wont think I live like a slob.  Why are you having some one come spray my house, well a couple of days ago Gilbert went to go use the bathroom when he informed me there was a spider in there.  I was thinking it was on the wall, ceiling or on the floor, no it was in the toilet.  Mind you it was not on the on toilet, not floating in the water, it was on the the toilet seat!!!  I grabbed a the closest thing to me, which just happen to be a water spray bottle.  I started to spray the sucker.  When I had knocked it off the toilet I told Gilbert to go get me a shoe.  He ran to his room grabbed a shoe and gave it to me.  I then ended that spiders life.  I have a huge fear of spiders.  I don’t like them.  But I know they have a purpose in this world and I thank them for taking care of the flies and other bugs, but please stay out of my house and especially stay out of my toilet!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


I went to pay my bills today, online thought my bank account, while I was at it I decide to double check the charges that went though.  The second on it was a $103.80 charge to ACO Hardware, which in Michigan!  I have never been to Michigan.  We called the bank and found out there is a second charge pending to a Toys r Us for 317.99 which just happens to be a couple miles down from the hardware store.  What is weird is that my bank said it was a hard swipe which means they had my credit card. I am wondering if they stole my credit card info and made a new card.  I also wonder how they got my info I really don’t like to use my bank card for anything and never for stuff online. 

This happen this past Thursday.  And it goes to show you that things happen in three.  My Great Grandpa passed away that day.  My mom’s dog, Rickie, was hurt that night.

My Great Grandpa was 32 days shy of the young age of 97.  He lived a full life.  He was able to see all three of his children grow up and have children of their.  Then he was able to see their children have children.  Some of my favorite memories of him are of him dancing with my Great Grandma.  I loved to see them dance.  I remember going to the state fair to see them dance.  He had been falling down a lot so they took him to the hospital to get checked out.  We fond out that he had leukemia plus his heart was weak heart.  We were given months that turned into days.  We went to visit him after we found out it was just days left.  But those days actually turned out to be hours.  While some of my family and I were visiting my Grandpa passed away.

That night I went to check on my mom’s dog, Rickie, when I notice this awful smell.  I thought maybe he had an accident but it wasn’t the same smell.  I went to take off his collar when I got some stuff on me.  I called for my husband.  He took off his collar and saw he was cut.  My sister and I rushed him to the Animal ER.  We got him fixed up and took him home within an hour.  My sister feels really bad about this so she has been taking really good care of him.  He is doing fine and wounds are healing nicely.

So there is my threes