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Saturday, December 15, 2007

back home!

We are in Utah for Christmas. We left yesterday afternoon, five hours behind schedule, and arrived in Utah today, at five in the morning. We were behind in schedule because Sam had to stay at work longer then we thought he would have to. Then the gas station had a very, very long line to get gas. by the time we were finally on the road it was the beginning of rush hour. It took two hours to go 41 miles! But once we were out of San Diego we were able to finally go the speed limit and make good time! We did not hit any other traffic. We were going to stop in Vegas but Sam said he really did not want to stop so we kept on driving. G&G did very well on the drive. The first four hours they did not cry at all!!! Then 8 o'clock rolled around (bed time) and then they got fussy. I turned out the dome light and Gilbert fell asleep. About a half hour later and Gwenith fell asleep. When we stopped for gas they did wake up but once we got on the road they fell asleep again with no trouble, except for when we got gas in Nephi (that was at 4 in the morning) they stayed up. But that was ok because we were almost home. When we got to mom's house G&G were very excited to see Grandma. We stayed up for an hour and then all four (five including Grandma) we to sleep.

today has been a day of recuperation for Sam and I but have been having fun visiting with family.