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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Happy Birthday Sam

Today was Sam's birthday. I gave him his present at midnight. Which was an ipod shuffle and a new phone. We planned on going to a movie and then bowling but G&G has other plans for us. We went to the theater and tried to see the movie Enchanted but about less then half way thought G&G started getting restless and were playing around by walking around the theater. I was afraid of people getting up set and us not seeing the movie so we went to custom service and got movie certificates / tickets to replace the ones we just bought. We are going to get a baby sitter and try going to the movie another try another day. Because they way they were acting we deiced not to go bowling but to go home and relax and send time together. I made a cake for Sam and Gilbert helped frosting it. Sam would not let me put 29 candles on it.

this is the Birthday boy!