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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Gwenith and Gilbert love apples! Lately they don't want to share, I can't slice them, and they want the whole apple! I usually buy big granny smith apples. Well at the store it dawned on me that I should not buy the big ones. I should buy the small ones. They were the same price. I will be able to buy a couple more for about the same price. Plus Gwen and Gilbert will be able to eat most of it, so there would be no waste. Well there is usually no waste, for I usually eat what is left of the apple. I just got a laugh at how not smart I can be at time.


Rhonda said...

People are always looking at me rather strangely, as I sort through trying to find the smallest apples in the bin. :)

Lisa said...

gorgeous pix, chelle!