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Monday, April 6, 2009


two Saturdays ago we went to the lighthouse at Point Loma, San Diego. It is not the pretties lighthouses I have seen but it is still very beautiful! This Lighthouse was built in 1854, it was one of the first eight lighthouses on the pacific coast. It marked the beginnings of safe maritime activities in San Diego Bay. The lighthouse would provide mariners with a nightly beacon for 36 years. But it was destined to fail, because of its elevation, the light was often covered in fog. It was used until 1891, when the new Pelican Point lighthouse, located 300 feet below, began to operate. The Point Loma Lighthouse was used during WWII, The Navy used it as a signal tower. It was restored by the National Park Service in 1984, it remains as a reminder of the contribution of the 19th century lighthouse keepers and their families to California's maritime past. marking the beginning of safe maritime activities in San Diego Bay.

We had a wonderful time touring the area of the light house and discovering the rich history of the area.

After the lighthouse we went the the shores below. Here is where we went

That is the view up to the lighthouse

Unfortunately we were there at high tide so we could not go all the way down but we toke the opportunity to take lots of picture of the area and of ourselves.

When we were done exploring the area there was still a lot of daylight left so since we had season passes to Sea World we decided to go there! I wont bore you all with pictures of Shamu so I will just shower you all with a couple of pictures of Gwen and Gilbert.


Lani said...

Such beautiful pictures! I love longer hair on little boys like yours too!

Nicole O'Dell said...

Those are gorgeous pictures!

I love the one where they're hugging!

Can't believe how big they're getting!!!

Sean Patrick and Emma Jane said...

So cute! You're two look so much older than mine! They are only a few months apart, but your little ones look so grown up! Or is it me hoping mine will stay little LOL!?!?

Heather said...

those pictures are so pretty!!! I love the one of you and Sam together that on is a really good one and I love the pictures of the twins on the rock

Sam said...

We had a lot of fun that day the weather was just about perfect