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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We went home to Utah for the weekend to celebrate Easter with family. It was a low key Easter this year. We did not do much. We had an Easter egg hunt that morning for Gwen, Gilbert, Jason and Talon. First thing they did was go get their baskets. Then they went looking for the eggs, they had a blast looking for the eggs. Gilbert was looking ever where. He did not wanted to stop. He is so cute. But once he did he decide to empty out his baskets out to see what he found. He lined up all his eggs. Gwen saw what he did and followed.

After the hunt Gwen and Gilbert colored some of the eggs. We did that because Gwen and Gilbert fell asleep early the night before and they did not color the eggs, so Jason and Talon colored a couple and saved a half dozen for them. I forgot to take pictures so we do not have any to remember their first egg coloring :( But they had fun doing it.

Later that afternoon we went to a park to celebrate with the Fam! I love how my mom's side gets together for the holidays and do big family parties. I hope we always do that! Anyways we went to the park had lunch and then a egg hunt.


Tiffanie said...

I am glag you guys had fun! Their outfits are so cute.
Oh I put my blog on private, but if you send me your email I will send you an invite.

Tinabean said...

It looks like a good time was had by all.
I'm glad that you got ti spend Easter with your family that's always so nice.
Your little ones look so cute in there easter outfits.

Heather said...

their outfits are very cute!!