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Monday, June 15, 2009

I miss my mommy!

My mom flew out this afternoon and I already miss her! Ok I will admit it I started to miss her the second she walked into the airport!!

Now I have to clean my house. then hopefully I will download some pictures from my camera to share with you all.

Any maybe, just maybe I will be able to read some blogs too, I miss knowing what is going on with all my blogger friends.

off to clean this messy house of mine . . . I love my phone, I am able to type this up and share this all with you . . ok I really need to clean my house . . . anyone wants to help me?


Tinabean said...

I am sorry that your mommy left.
I'm sure she was as sad as you were & are.
I've only been away from my mommy for a few months & it was really hard I like having her so close.
I hope that you feel better soon.
I can't wait to see some pics & hear more about her visit.
I hope all is well with your family!