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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

passing out

A week ago Gwen was walking and fell. I missed the whole thing be Sam was standing just right in front of me that I missed it. Anyways Gwen fell, Sam picked her up and I noticed blood. She scratched both her knees and her hand. She was crying but really bad. I took her from Sam told him to get Gilbert in the car and I would go back to the USO where we had just eaten dinner and clean her up. I walked in and the guy at the counter for some band-aids. A lady herd me and gave me some. By that time Gwen was not crying at all. I took Gwen into the restroom and started to clean her up. I had her sit on the counter and I was getting all the rocks out of her knee. The whole time I was cleaning her she was saying she was sorry, which I told her she had nothing to be sorry for. She would also thank me for cleaning her! She is so sweet. As I was cleaning up the mess I made by cleaning her up Gwen. Just when I was finishing up I notice Gwen starting to slump a little bit. I asked her what she was doing. That is when I noticed that her eyes where going back. I hurried and grabbed her up in my arms (I had a hand on her the whole time because I was worried about her falling off the counter) I said Gwen wake up! She had passed out me! This really freaked me out. I walked out of the restroom and just then she kind of woke up. She had no color to her face. I left the USO and got into the car with Sam what happened and asked him what we should do. He did not know. I called her doctor but because it was after hours I got no one. I tried to call my mom but no answer. We started to head to the navy hospital because that was the closest. On the way there I remembered one of my friends husband is a pediatrician so I called her but she did not answer. It kind of funny when I really need someone to tell me what to do I could not get a hold of any one! Just when we we're getting to the hospital my friend called me back. I talked to her husband and told him what happened he said she most likely passed out because of the pain. By that time the color had returned to her face and she was talking again. I never would have guessed that Gwen would have been in so much pain that it made her pass out. She wasn't crying or anything. And no she did not hit her head. I double checked that with Sam.

Gwen is fine now. She had to wear a band aid for two days, her choice. But then she told me was all better.


Aubrey said...

Wow! That is so scary Michelle. My goodness, you are so calm I would have been totally freaking out!!! I am glad she is okay, poor thing. Kids are so brave.