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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

19 months

G&G will be 19 months old this Saturday and we have entered into the mischief stage! Oh my goodness.

Gilbert will find any marker in the house. I swear he can smell them! I keep taking them away from him and he is able to find more. It is like he knows of this secret stash of them. Two days ago Gilbert found this orange permanent marker and drew on the stair case railing then drew a line down the whole length of the hallway wall (and bathroom door), which is about 8-10 feet in length, then on the wood entertainment center. Where was I when this was happening, I was on the computer! Luckily the Mr. Clean magic eraser took the marker off the wood and stairs case. But it did not work on the wall or door. I got out the Clorox bleach spray cleaner and it took it off! I can still see a very faint line in some spots but I am sure I can get it off and if I can't at least now I can paint over it without having to paint multiple coats. Pretty much Gilbert is testing his limits right now.

Gwenith loves to tease. Which is not to bad but it can get frustrating at times. She wants what ever Gilbert wants. She cries over everything. She seems to not know what she wants except she wants what ever Gilbert has. What ever Gilbert does she has to do it too.
Both of them love to strip right now and run around the house naked. They have has one or two accident where they have peed on the floor but usually they hold it. I still have not gotten Gwen in go in the potty (on yes, lol). Gilbert LOVES to sit on the potty. When he strips the first place he goes is to the potty.

I love both of them very much and I love being a mom but we are going to a rough patch right now. I hope this phase goes by really fast.