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Thursday, February 28, 2008

back in Utah

I am home in Utah again! I have been here since Monday but I just have not had time or the energy to post here. I will be here for just under two weeks. Then I am flying to San Diego to have a weekend with dh (he is just in port for the weekend). We are here pretty much the whole month of March. Then back to San Diego for the month of April to pack up the house and get things ready for deployment. Then I am here for seven months more!! We are treating this month as a test run to is if eight people can live can live in this house.

The drive here was not to bad beside having to stop a lot because one of them were crying and I need to comfort them. I was hoping they would fall a sleep in the car for their nap. Gilbert did, but Gwen fought it. She cried so much that she threw up!! and that woke up Gilbert so he only took a 20 minute nap. I pulled over and cleaned her up. I got here at 10 local time so it was 12 hour drive. About an hour from getting here G&G fell asleep and I did not feel like fighting with them to keep them a wake (I turned off the over head light which was keeping some what a wake). When we got here G&G were a little confused they did not want me to leave them. if I walked out of the room they cried! Gwen did go to my mom but still she would get upset if I was not in eye sight. At midnight we all went to sleep. Gilbert tied to play a little but he fell a sleep fast. I think it helped they has their mattresses. I brought too much stuff to fit their beds. I bet I could have brought them if I would have packed differently but I did fell up to redoing things and I really wanted to get on the road. I started to cry when I started to drive but I kept telling myself that I did not need to cry I would see dh in less then two weeks. I think having to drive helped me not to cry,