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Friday, February 22, 2008

glory of being a mom

I went to go check on G&G after they have been in their room for an hour and a half and I could steal hear talking. I walked in there and there was this horrible smell!!! I saw a baby in Gilbert's bed butt naked! I looked over in Gwen's bed and there was Gilbert! I checked his butt . . . poppy! I changed him. but the smell was still there. so I looked around Gilbert (in Gwen's bed) no poop fell out. I looked over at the sleeping baby, Gwen. I don't see anything. I looked over by the closet, yep there is the smell, poop! I clean that up then headed over to the sleeping baby yep it was her she had poop all down her leg. so I grab tons of baby wipes and cleaned her up, put on a new diaper all while she is still sleeping!

**edit** while I was typing this Gilbert has decide that even though Gwen had only been a sleep for about a half hour it was time for her to wake up!!! So since G&G were a wake I stripped Gilbert's bed. I had not notice, in the dark, that it has pooped smeared on it when! I put Gilbert is his bed and put Gwen in hers. It been ten minutes and I have not heard them so I am crossing my fingers that they are both a sleep!!!


Heather said...

yuck!!! sick. Did she try to change herself? lol.