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Friday, August 8, 2008

doctor appointment

We went this afternoon for Gwen's follow-up appointment and the doctor is very happy about the way it is healing!!! He was very impress about her thumb and how the skin renewed itself (I can't remember if that was his exact words are not). He would like the old skin to stay on a little while longer so that the new skin can grow and there will be no infection. We are going keep doing what we have been doing, having Gwen wears the burn glove during the day (with no ointment), then taking the glove off at night and letting it air out. We have another follow up next Wednesday.

I was looking up 2nd degree burns last night and found this info:

Second degree burns are deeper, causing damage to the epidermis and partial damage to the dermis, including the blood vessels. They cause blisters, and are painful. The fluid inside a blister is called serum. It's a watery liquid that leaks from nearby tissues and blood vessels that have been destroyed. This blister filled with serum provides pillow-like protection for the skin beneath it. Second degree burns take several weeks to heal completely. Eventually the fluid inside the blister is absorbed by the body,and the dead blister skin will drop away, leaving new skin underneath.