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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Gwen's hand 4

sorry for not writing anything yesterday, I meant to but I I got caught up watching the Olympics last night and the next thing I knew it was almost 1 am!

Anyways Gwen's appointment went well! Her doctor is very impressed at how well her hand is
healing. He does not want to cut off any of the extra, hanging skin. He want it to fall off by itself and for me to only trim it if it needs it. Which I did last night because she had a HUGE piece hanging off her ring finger last night. All of the blister are gone and are open now, which is a good thing because all of the new skin has grown in! The doctor only worry spot is in her palm. It was were the burn was the deepest. But he said it healing very well. Gwen does not have any follow up appointments because it is healing so well!! Gwen is no longer wearing the burn glove. She is now just wearing a non adherent pad with ointment (which we just started yesterday) and medical tape/wrap. And at night she is letting it air out.