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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My ballerina

I have signed Gwenith and Gilbert up for dance classes. I am so excited to get them into doing activities (sports)! Their first class is this Friday.

I got some leotards from my aunt Shuanna's garage sell last week and today I dressed Gwenith in it. She just loved it. She went around the house and showed everyone her outfit. To top off her little show she did a little turn and a jump. I think she is really ready to go to dance class.

Gilbert likes to jump and do turns to so I think he will enjoy the class to. I just need to buy him some short and a t-shirt to wear to class too. oh and I have to go buy them both Ballet Shoes. I am not quit sure what type of shoes I buy Gilbert, I guess I will find out.

This picture shows off her burn on her hand

Yes this is Gwen putting on her shoes. She knows how put on her own shoes!

she likes to wear the black and the pink shoes at the same time


tinabean1988 said...

Oh you have to post some videos of them in dance class.
I Love watching the little ones try to dance it's the cutest thing ever!
Her hand looks so much better I am glad that it's healing so well.
She looks like a little ballerina!

Dawn said...

I bet they will love the dance class. She is precious!!

FarmGirl said...

Beautiful children! And I just love her confidence in wearing 2 different shoes...she's creative! Saw you were new to SITS, so thought I'd stop in for a few and say "hello & welcome". I like how you write....almost like you are talking! I will be back!

Michele said...

I loved this post. I have boy/girl twins who just turned 4. They just started gymnastics class three weeks ago. They love it! It's great to read about other twins.