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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Say What in Vinyl

I would like to promote my Aunt's web site, say what in vinyl it is a very cute website. When I move back into my house I am totally going to put some of these up. Check out this page for some cute ideas. This is a wonderful way to warm up a home. Vinyl is a great way to express yourself. It is a great way to personalize your home (and office) with self-adhesive vinyl lettering. It is an exciting way to decorate your walls, wood and other surfaces.


Kori said...

I so want some of these when we finish painting our room.

Also wanted to ssy thanks for stopping by yesterday. Come back anytime to visit.

Aubrey said...

Isn't decorating with vinyl great?! My hubby does that and some tee shirt design as a hobby. He just made me a really great piece for above our sliding glass door. It sure does add a little something!

Thanks for stopping by for a tour of Colorado!

Tamie said...

vinyl, vinyl, vinyl! need i say more?!?! i'm all for it...and am just waiting to be a permanent place to use it (i've got a friend with a cricut...and i've already told her i want to borrow it to make me some vinyl letters...someday!)
thanks for stopping by my place yesterday, it was great to see you!
ps. which temple did you two get sealed in?
and oh my: dubai! wow, what an opporuntiy to see all that swanky stuff!