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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


We have acquire a very cute kitten named Kitty. Gwen and Gilbert just adores her, a little to much, lol. She is probably under a year old. She is all black with a docked tail. Which is funny because all of the animals in this house has docked tails. My brother Josh (he is single) found her a couple days after Christmas on a very busy street. He brought her home and pretty much dump her on my mom and sister to take care of. Last week when we went home to visit she was still there. Gwenith and Gilbert has been watching Aristocats (they are watching it as I type this up), a lot lately so I wanted to see how they would react to a cat so I brought her in to see them. They just loved her and she responded so well with them and the dogs, and vice versa, that I thought hey maybe we could take her home with us. Gwen called Sam (yes she called him, she knows how) and asked him "take kitty home". It was soooo cute. I explained to Sam what was going on and he said it would be ok with him. So home she went with us. Gwen and Gilbert play with her everyday. If they don't know where she is they ask "where did Kitty go?" It is very sweet.

These are of them watching Aristocats last night


Heather said...

thats so cute.I wish so much I could get Taylar a pet. We did look at a bunch of condos. I found a couple I really like in Eagle Mountain. Now I just have to decide if the drive is worth it, lol. We need somewhere bigger though.

Sam said...

Yes it really was very cute how Gwen called me and asked if she could "take kitty home" what was I going to say no. I mean we have a nice place with plenty of room and like you said the dogs and kitty get along great.