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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Butler Bag

The Butler hybrid bag, totally rocks! For the first time in my life, I can open my bag up and immediately see what's inside it without digging. There is nothing as irritating as standing in public place and going trough your things in your bag, desperately looking for one specific thing, and guess when will you find it? With a flat bottom, six small and one large hard-sided interior compartments, two exterior pockets on the ends and an interior zipper pocket, its larger capacity is perfect for me and all my stuff! When the bag is fully loaded, I can literally see everything in it, just by looking into the top.

I bought the Butler hybrid bag to replace my Born of necessity diaper bag, that I no longer needed now that Gwenith and Gilbert are potty trained! I loved that bag but it was just too big now. What I love about the Butler hybrid bag is that it will hold all my stuff plus a change of clothes for Gwenith and Gilbert and a few small toys (cars and pony) for Gwen and Gilbert. Notice I have diaper wipes (to clean their faces, lol), a note book, a magazine, sun block, lotion, two sippies I squeezed one into one of the other smaller compartment) keys, camera, make-up, a small address book, two play cell phone (I usually have my cell phone with them too), toys, gum with snacks, another compartment of snacks, my huge wallet, change of underwear for both of them, a couple of plastic bags (you can't see them but they are there), pens and on top of that I put the extra clothes. Oh in the zipper compartment I have their shot records and lose change. Can you believe all of that is in there and it is organized!!!

The butler bag is apparently the world’s first compartmentalized handbag. It was designed by Jen Groover who “was inspired by the common problem of digging through a purse in panic wondering whether something was lost or if she was holding up a line of people while her children were screaming.” She was convinced that a handbag could be functional and fashionable at the same time. Groover’s original idea was to put a dishwasher tray into her diaper bag. It was like magic! Everything had it’s place and was at her fingertips. She realized that this compartmental divider was also the answer to her bag problem.

Butler Bag - The World's 1st Compartmentalized Purse!

The Butler Bag was designed to bring fashion and function together. No more searching or digging, it has an organizer inside with compartments to separate everything. It can hold a small laptop, as well as keys, makeup, books, bottles (sippy), cell phone, Blackberry, iPod, notebook-sized laptops, magazines, maps, etc... The design of the bag is very clean and allow items to stand up, putting every item at your fingertips for easy access.

Which One Do I Choose!?! Click here to find out What kind of Butler Bag Women you are! (trust me this is fun) No matter which Butler Bag you choose you will be satisfied.

I know by now you want a Butler Bag but you are not sure if you should go with the Butler Bag Classic, the Butler Bag Hybrid, the Tote Butler Bag, or the Satchel Butler Bag? Read on for more information to help you decide.

The Classic
The Classic Butler Bag was designed to bring fashion and function together into one handbag. No more searching or digging. Fits more than you ever imagined, all in an organized fashion. This fashionable classic bag is made from quality leather and finished with stylish silver hardware. It is the perfect bag to carry you through from day to night.

left to right 13"
top to bottom 5.5'
front to back 5"

The Classic sales for $125.
Click Here for the Butler Bag Classic!
Butler Bag Classic - Black Inside the Black Butler Bag Classic Handbag

The Hybrid
The Butler Hybrid is the perfect bag for the girl about town, great for your essentials, yet large enough for a small laptop, latest book, makeup, keys, cell phone and more. Made from stylish, top grain leather, flat bottom and patent compartmentalized design. Organize your handbag in ways you never imagined!

left to right 15"
top to bottom 9.5"
front to back 6"

The Hybrid sales for $165.
Click Here for the Butler Bag Hybrid!
Butler Bag Hybrid - Coffee Inside the Coffee Hybrid Butler Bag

The Tote
The Large Tote Butler Bag was created for those fashion-forward ladies who can’t live without their larger than life handbags. Bigger than the Butler Bag Hybrid, this Large Tote offers the patent compartmentalized design inside with two large pockets on the outside of the bag. As like all the Butler Bags, this tote can carry all your essentials… but now, even a laptop computer! (I think this one would be great as a diaper bag. They are coming out with a diaper butler bag, but it is not out yet.)

left to right 16"
top to bottom 12"
front to back 6"

The Tote sales for $275.

The Satchel
The Satchel Butler Bag was designed for that “in-between-gal”; more room than the Classic Butler Bag, yet not as large as the Hybrid Butler Bag. This new round shape is stylish yet classic and is offered in four new eye-catching colors. The satchel offers the compartmentalized design inside for all your essentials with a buckle pocket on the outside of the bag.

left to right 14"
top to bottom 9"
front to back 6"

The Satchel sales for $225.

Butler Bag - Function on the Inside! $10 off the Butler Bag - The World's Most Organized Handbag!


Wait Another Year said...

It is so nice but gosh, its so expensive! I will have to wait and buy a used one, probably on ebay. I know I will love it since I have a lot of stuff and I'm always digging for them too.

Anonymous said...

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Heather said...

thats a really cool bag, i love it, but its way out of my price range :(

It looks really cool though.

Military_Mom said...

Thanks for sharing so much info on this bag. I have looked at thm before, but now I know it is a must have item as we go into potty training and beyond.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you ladies know that at KMART, they sell the same bags but made from man made materials for $24-29. The line is called Butler Essentials. Check it out! Its made by Jen Groover as well.

Anonymous said...

Hi, can you please tell me what colour you have?
On the site you can't really see what the colours will look like for real and I love the colour you have!
Thanks :)

chellekay said...

sorry I did not answer this earlier (I have been a way from the computer). The color of my bag is Coffee

Sophia said...

Jen Groover made a Butler Bag specifically for Avon! It's only $19.99 with any $15 beauty purchase, which is totally easy to do since Avon has great products! Otherwise, it will be $40! I just received mine yesterday and love it! I'm giving my Louis Vuitton, Coach and Chloe purses a rest! Never thought about using it as a Diaper bag! Good idea!

Jenifer said...

I just bought TWO Butler Bags at Tuesday Morning for $59.99 and $39.00. You have to look for the good deals...but this is what makes it worth it! The original prices were $225 and $98 SUCH A STEAL! They had tons to choose from too!

Estelle said...

How long did you use this? Did it hold up?

Lori Thomas said...

Avon just offered The Butler Bag by Jen Groover