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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Diaper bag

I just love my diaper bag!!!! One of the reason I like it so much is because it does not look like a diaper bag! People always gives me comments on it and most people think I just took an over size bag and made it into a diaper bag. They think this until I start to tell them why I love this. The leather exterior, 100% premium calfskin. The inside bag is designed with nylon pack cloth that is water resistant. A waterproof aluminum Mylar pocket is designed for to carry cold or hot items (all you need is a freezer or hot pack), that can fit two sippy cups full of milk and keep them cold! Two side pockets perfect to carry two more juice sippy cups. A key ring for easy access to your keys and a cell phone pocket. There are plenty of pockets to keep things organized.

I used my other one so much that I had to get another one!! I ordered in the same color, which I know is weird but I love pink. The new bag came with a diaper changer pan which I think I will love!

here is the link to Born of necessity

p.s. They are on sale right now!!!