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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

bad night

Last night was just bad!! I went to bed at 10:30 pm. The second I went to bed Gwen woke up. So I let her go to bed with me. oh in case you don't know because we are permanently visiting my mom all three of us are sharing a room. I am sleeping in my nephew's bed (he is in the room with my other nephew) and G&G are sleeping next to the bed on their mattresses. So I get into bed and let Gwen join me. I am about to fall a sleep when Gilbert starts to move. the next thing I know he is joining Gwen and I. But both of them want to snuggle up to me. We tried several positions and none of them really work. Gwen & Gilbert took turns crying at different points though out the night. I tried letting them sleep in my bed. I tried to put them back in their bed three different times though out the night. I finally fell a sleep along with G&G in my bed at some point after 3 in the morning. But thankfully G&G slept in the this morning and we did not get up until 7:44 am!!!! They slept in by a hour and a half!!!!! I actually fell really well this morning and not like I only had four hours of sleep.


Heather said...

that sucks!!! I know what it is like to not get sleep. Other than last night have hey been doing okay at your mom's house sleeping?