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Thursday, March 20, 2008


I bought a new stroller two days ago. It was not really the stroller I wanted but I could not find a double jogging stroller here in Utah that was under 300.00! The double jogging stroller that I wanted was only 179.00 at Babies r us. But they did not have any in stock. I waited two weeks and they never got any in. I ever tried the other two Babies r Us is Utah but they did not have any either in fact they had a waiting list! This jogging stroller includes lockable front swivel wheel, a 5-point harnesses, reclining seats. The canopy contains speakers for an iPod player hook-up. I really wanted this. Maybe I can get it later this summer. But I deiced to go with just a normal side by side stroller so that we would have a stroller now. G&G seem to like it. It folds up really nicely and it very light. Here is a picture of the stroller we got:

this is the stroller I wanted


Heather said...

that sucks that they could not get that one in for you. Did you call them again and ask when they are supposed to get it in?

Rhonda said...

I'm so sorry you couldn't get the stroller you wanted. I hope the one you did get, works out okay.