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Friday, March 7, 2008

Backyard Adventures

G&G were getting cabin fever from being inside all the time because of the cold weather. We are just not use to this. In Cali we go outside every day and play on at the park. There is this place around here that sells backyard Play Sets. They have what they call open play where we can come play on some of the products they sell. We went to it back and December and had fun so we wanted to go again. So we invited our cousins, Heather and Taylar, to join us.

Gilbert loved to relax in the hammock

Gwenith liked the swing chair
Here comes Taylar
Gwen loved the slides
Just hanging out
They were very thirsty after all that playing
I would really like to buy G&G one of these play sets but they are expensive! Maybe we can get them one next year for their 3rd birthday