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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jet Blue

I flew Jet Blue this weekend to visit Sam and I loved the flight!!! The flight was great and here are is why

  • wider seats and aisles

  • leather seats

  • each passenger has their own color television with 36 channels

  • DIRECTV plus more than 100 channels of XM Satellite Radio for free

  • more overhead storage space

  • lots of legroom compare to other flights I have been on

  • irresistible snacks (seven different snacks to chose from and its a very good selections!) and drinks (I got a full can!)

I did not really deal with the flight attendants but they seemed nice. I am going to fly with Jet blue again I really had a good experience with them! Oh and they have a direct flight to San Diego! And they were really cheap!


Heather said...

they are hiring you could always go work for them while you are here and fly for free, lol.

Nicole O'Dell said...

That's great to know. I doubt I'll ever fly again, though! LOL But, if I do....