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Friday, March 21, 2008

Operation Sam

I am so excited Sam is coming here to Utah to visit! He was flown off his ship (it is out to sea doing ops) to San Diego yesterday afternoon! Originally that was suppose to take place today but you got to love the military and they way nothing is set in stone. Because I did not know what time he was going to leave the ship on Friday and Jetblue only has one flight here to Utah, I bought the ticket for Saturday. But of course thing change and Sam left the ship yesterday so this morning Sam went to the airport and talked to the people at the ticket counter and because we have a ticket for tomorrow and they have 20 open seat today they are going to let Sam fly by stand-by today!!! So as I am writing this Sam should be on his way to the airport and hopefully he will be able to get on the flight and will be here tonight. Unfortunately it will be after G&G will be a sleep but they will have a nice surprise tomorrow morning!!


Heather said...

oh Chelle that is SO awesome!! I'm so excited for you!!!!! That means he will be here to take the kids on an egg hunt on Sat with you!!!

SmartyPantsMama - Caroline said...

What exciting news! Hoping you all have a wonderful time together!