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Sunday, March 2, 2008

three pictures

Gwen and Gilbert got new booster seat this past week. I have been wanting to get them these but felt their highchairs still got the job done so there was no reason to buy these. But since we are permanently visiting at my mom's and I could not fit two high chairs in to my car I broke down and bought them these seats. They love them. I wasn't sure if they would so this picture was taken when we were doing a "test" of them. and it passed it flying colors. So they are now permanently (so to speak) tied down to the chair so G&G can sit in them at every meal.

Sam bought Gwenith this pink and white bear from build a bear. Gwen loves it. Sam recorded his voice in it so that when she want to hear from daddy all she has to to is press the left paw. She loves to her daddy at bedtime. It gives her a big smile

Sam bought Gilbert a blue and white bear from build a bear too!!! Gilbert loves to hear daddy talk to him. This was a great idea. Thanks Sam!


Heather said...

that is the same booster seat that Taylar has, I love it. She does so much better at meal times when she can sit at the table and feels like a big girl with us. I even use it for her art time.

Jenny Live & in Color said...

My kids each have build-a-bears. They get outfits from my parents on their birthdays. The sailor outfits they have are cute. That would be neat for when your husband comes home!

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