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Thursday, January 15, 2009

potty training days

I am so proud of Gwen and Gilbert. They don't tell me anymore they need to go potty, they just get up and got the the bathroom by themselves! It is not until I ask them where they are going they tell me they need to go potty.

Gwen discover today that the top of her potty chair fits on the toilet. She now uses Gilbert chair to help her get on the toilet. She is now using that to go potty. Which is just fine with me because that mean I no longer have to dump the pee.

Gilbert discover that the bowl from his potty (they have two different types of potty chairs) fits into Gwen's potty chair top. So he is now using Gwen's potty to sit on the toilet but he is still peeing in the bowl and dumping it. I think the reason he is doing that and Gwen is not is because he loves dumping the pee and Gwen could careless.

I almost forgot to tell all what Gwen and Gilbert does with the bottom half of Gwen's potty. They turned it upside down and used it as a step stool for they can wash their hands. They love to wash their hands!

I am so proud of them but it also makes me sad they are growing up so fast. Where did my babies go!?!?

I am trying to figure out what to do though for our trip to Utah today. Should I put them in diapers for the 9 to 11 hour drive or should I let wear underwear and hope they let me know they need to go and hope there is a restroom near by we can stop at in time for them to go in. If I put them in diapers for them drive is it going to confuse them? I don't know

oh by the way I am going to Utah today (this afternoon) for a week.


Heather said...

I had no idea you were coming here!!! YAY!!!! How come? I'm so glad that potty training is going so well for you. Taylar is doing pretty well considering she's had a slow start. She tells me everytime she has to go and at the most has maybe 1 accident a day if none at all. She always goes both 1 and 2 now. She has no problem getting her pants and stuff off by herself but she has a really hard time getting them up alone, she can't get them over her butt, lol. My goal is to get her to go by herself without me going or without telling me, I am trying to get her to do what Gwen does but I know that will come in time. I'm just happy she is telling me. That is awesome that Gwen is going on the big potty now. Thats another thing I know Taylar will pick up in time. Congrats!!

Anonymous said...

that is great