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Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Header and Lies & Mortrin

First I want to give a big shout out to Hilary for updating my header for me!

While I was making dinner tonight Gwen and Gilbert were playing as usual. But they moved their playing upstairs. Which I did not think was a big deal because I though they were playing in their room like they have done in the past. So I put dinner in the over went up stairs to check on them and use the bathroom. As I was going up stairs they were on their way back down. I notice that they were playing in the water again. Which made upset at myself because I never hear the water running. I use the bathroom and as I was walking back down stairs I looked in the bathroom and notice that the Children Motrin (which was in the medicine cabinet) was empty and filled up with water. I called Gwen and Gilbert upstairs and asked very nicely if they drink it. I already know that it was Gilbert because he knows how to open those lids. Gwen told me she did not. Gilbert told me he did. Then I kind of got upset. I told them they do not drink any medicine unless I give it to them. I told Gwen to pick up their toys and go downstairs. I talked to Gilbert told him never to drink this stuff again unless I gave it to him. Then I told him to set on the stairs. I went down stairs called poison control told them that Gilbert just drink a half bottle of Motrin. The lady on the phone looked it up and told me he would be fine that he did not drink enough to cause him harm. I then called my mom to complain to her what Gilbert just did. As I was talking to her I notice that Gilbert is now in the front room. I told him to get back on the stairs. He said "don't make me cry again" It was so cute. But I still made him go sit back down on the stairs for another two minutes. I called him out and started to talk to him about how he should not drink medicine unless I gave it to him to drink. He then proceeds to tell that he did not drink it and that it was Gwen. I called Gwen into the room and asked her again. She told me "no Gilbert did". Right then I notice a grape smell. I asked Gilbert id I could smell him and it was coming from him. I then smelt Gwen and there was no smell on her. Told Gilbert I could smell it on him and don't lie to me. I asked him again did you drink the medication. Right then our dog Rhiannon walked in the room. Gilbert points to her and said "Rhiannon did it". I had the hardest time keeping a straight face. I told him not she did not do it. I decided to just let it drop.

I can't believe my kids are at the age they will/can/might lie to me. It was a sad moment when I realized this.

Also does anyone know how to keep a medicine cabinet shut/locked? Any ideas??


cat said...

Oh gosh, it is so scary. When my little miss was about 3 she drank a third bottle of Fluesin - a cold medicine for kids. Also called the Poison centre that said she will be fine, but I got such a shock. Now I stock my medicine really high, so high that I can just just get to it. And no kid can.

Heather said...

does your cabinet have handles? I usually put an elastic band around it and double it up a few times, its kept Tay out.

BTW I love your header, you should have put the one of you and Sam kissing as the center.