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Monday, October 19, 2009

United Through Reading

United Through Reading is a quality-of-life program whereby deployed military personnel communicate with the children in their life through medium of reading stories aloud on DVD. Reading aloud with the children has been shown to be the single best predictor of a child’s future academic success. It also strengthens the bond between adult and child, and provides a bridge for communication and sharing, and enhances command climate.

It also extend the opportunity for military personnel to communicate with their spouse, and loved ones by recording a DVD with their personal message.

Sam did a reading/recording for Gwenith and Gilbert which they received in the mail on October 10th. They were so excited for two reasons 1) they got a box in the mail that was address to them. 2) Daddy was on TV!! They sat there and watch daddy read to them. Gilbert had a little trouble knowing when to turn the page but Gwen helped him along. She was really good about following daddy and turning the pages when it came time for daddy to read her a story. When Sam asked them a question they would quickly answer. It was cute!

That first night we had to watch daddy twice! The next day when Gilbert woke up he asked to watch daddy again on TV. I try to remember to daddy on TV everyday. Last week we had to take daddy to Wal mart with us, lol. It was so funny and cute. I should have taken a picture! The portable DVD player was in the seat section and Gwen and Gilbert were in the basket part watching it. We were strolling along down the aisle watching daddy. People would some time stop and look at us but I did not care. I think that was best behaved my kids have been in a store in a while.

I feel bad. I got caught up with watching them watch daddy I totally forgot to take pictures of them watching Gwen's book (the second book).

Sam called that night. I told him he better do another DVD because Gwen and Gilbert absolutely loved it!

Sam told me yesterday that he has and that it will be in the mail soon!!!


Rhonda said...

What an amazing program! I'm definitely adding it to the list of organizations that I'd like to support.