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Thursday, October 29, 2009


We finally carved our pumpkin today! I really did not want to buy a real pumpkin but Gilbert was so dead set on getting on that I finally caved in Monday and bought one. Gilbert wanted a big one. But the only big on they had was one that had bruises on it. I bought it anyways.

I let Gwen and Gilbert help me as much as I could. Both were really excited about cutting, with my help, the pumpkin. But once we started to gut the thing Gilbert would not put his hand in the mess. Gwen loved it. She would pull a couple of seeds out and give them to Gilbert so he could through them in the bowl. I finally gave them the spoons to do it. Gilbert finally got into it but only with the spoon. When I started to draw the face they got bored and left me to it all by myself. But once I started to carve it again they magically reappeared. I did all the cutting that time around, but they punched out the pieces and threw them away.

They were happy with how it turned out


Heather said...

Taylar has never liked the pumpkin guts thing. She just doesn't get into it.

Amanda said...

Cute photos!!! I am so not into cleaning out pumpkins, I think my husband will be in charge of that ;)

Momtothreebabies said...

Found your blog on mormon mommy blogs! Your family is adorable!! What a cute blog!
come visit me too!!

monica said...

Wow great pumpkin!! That is so cool how the kids helped!