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Thursday, October 29, 2009


We finally carved our pumpkin today! I really did not want to buy a real pumpkin but Gilbert was so dead set on getting on that I finally caved in Monday and bought one. Gilbert wanted a big one. But the only big on they had was one that had bruises on it. I bought it anyways.

I let Gwen and Gilbert help me as much as I could. Both were really excited about cutting, with my help, the pumpkin. But once we started to gut the thing Gilbert would not put his hand in the mess. Gwen loved it. She would pull a couple of seeds out and give them to Gilbert so he could through them in the bowl. I finally gave them the spoons to do it. Gilbert finally got into it but only with the spoon. When I started to draw the face they got bored and left me to it all by myself. But once I started to carve it again they magically reappeared. I did all the cutting that time around, but they punched out the pieces and threw them away.

They were happy with how it turned out

Is it stupid of me . .

Is it stupid of me to miss my dog? I needed her this deployment. Yesterday when we went to pick up the new Tinkerbell movie, Gwen and Gilbert had an argument about where Jessie was. I can't remember what Gilbert said about where she was but Gwen said she was at the doctors because she is sick and we can't touch her. It broke my heart. Last Friday when we went to the post office to mail Sam a box, one of the vets offices that we went is next door to the post office, Gwen and Gilbert asked if we were going to go get Jessie now. I told then no she was not there. I keep telling them that Jessie is gone and she is not coming back, I always add, but Daddy is coming back.

I should be happy that we still have Max but he is not my dog. He is Sam's. He does not mind me. He is so not Jessie. I got Rhiannon (Jessie's baby, who is now 4 years old) back from my mom. She use to live with us but when we moved to Cali two years ago we could only have two dogs so we left her behind with my mom. But Rhiannon is not Jessie either.

If I use to call someones name more then once in a row she would start howling, like hey I am right love me. She use to play fetch. I could leave the door open and 90% of the time she would not take off. She use to bring her food bowl when she wanted some food. And most of the time if right after I feed her, but would not feed her more because she was on a diet.

I miss my dog

I miss my husband

I miss my mom

I wish my kids would mind me . . . and pick up their toys

I wish I had friends that would come over to house to visit

I wish the stuff that happened back in February, that I will not talk about, did not happen

I wish I had my twin here (30 years later and I am still wishing that, lol, now that I am laugh at myself I am going to end this and go to bed)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Way Back When-sday(s) - Halloween

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Twins' Age: 3 months
Twins' Age: 15 months

Twins' Age: 2 years old

Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Header and Lies & Mortrin

First I want to give a big shout out to Hilary for updating my header for me!

While I was making dinner tonight Gwen and Gilbert were playing as usual. But they moved their playing upstairs. Which I did not think was a big deal because I though they were playing in their room like they have done in the past. So I put dinner in the over went up stairs to check on them and use the bathroom. As I was going up stairs they were on their way back down. I notice that they were playing in the water again. Which made upset at myself because I never hear the water running. I use the bathroom and as I was walking back down stairs I looked in the bathroom and notice that the Children Motrin (which was in the medicine cabinet) was empty and filled up with water. I called Gwen and Gilbert upstairs and asked very nicely if they drink it. I already know that it was Gilbert because he knows how to open those lids. Gwen told me she did not. Gilbert told me he did. Then I kind of got upset. I told them they do not drink any medicine unless I give it to them. I told Gwen to pick up their toys and go downstairs. I talked to Gilbert told him never to drink this stuff again unless I gave it to him. Then I told him to set on the stairs. I went down stairs called poison control told them that Gilbert just drink a half bottle of Motrin. The lady on the phone looked it up and told me he would be fine that he did not drink enough to cause him harm. I then called my mom to complain to her what Gilbert just did. As I was talking to her I notice that Gilbert is now in the front room. I told him to get back on the stairs. He said "don't make me cry again" It was so cute. But I still made him go sit back down on the stairs for another two minutes. I called him out and started to talk to him about how he should not drink medicine unless I gave it to him to drink. He then proceeds to tell that he did not drink it and that it was Gwen. I called Gwen into the room and asked her again. She told me "no Gilbert did". Right then I notice a grape smell. I asked Gilbert id I could smell him and it was coming from him. I then smelt Gwen and there was no smell on her. Told Gilbert I could smell it on him and don't lie to me. I asked him again did you drink the medication. Right then our dog Rhiannon walked in the room. Gilbert points to her and said "Rhiannon did it". I had the hardest time keeping a straight face. I told him not she did not do it. I decided to just let it drop.

I can't believe my kids are at the age they will/can/might lie to me. It was a sad moment when I realized this.

Also does anyone know how to keep a medicine cabinet shut/locked? Any ideas??

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Way Back When-sday

I have not done one of these since February, when my life turned upside down, but since I am trying to get things back to how they were use to be lets do one!

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Date: Jan 18, 2007
Twins' Age: 7 months

Gwen and Gilbert are wearing doll clothes in this picture! I had two life size, "like real" dolls since before Gwenith and Gilbert birth. One day I deiced that I wanted to see if the clothes fit Gwen and Gilbert and they did! They only wore those clothes for this picture, but weren't they cute!

Monday, October 19, 2009

United Through Reading

United Through Reading is a quality-of-life program whereby deployed military personnel communicate with the children in their life through medium of reading stories aloud on DVD. Reading aloud with the children has been shown to be the single best predictor of a child’s future academic success. It also strengthens the bond between adult and child, and provides a bridge for communication and sharing, and enhances command climate.

It also extend the opportunity for military personnel to communicate with their spouse, and loved ones by recording a DVD with their personal message.

Sam did a reading/recording for Gwenith and Gilbert which they received in the mail on October 10th. They were so excited for two reasons 1) they got a box in the mail that was address to them. 2) Daddy was on TV!! They sat there and watch daddy read to them. Gilbert had a little trouble knowing when to turn the page but Gwen helped him along. She was really good about following daddy and turning the pages when it came time for daddy to read her a story. When Sam asked them a question they would quickly answer. It was cute!

That first night we had to watch daddy twice! The next day when Gilbert woke up he asked to watch daddy again on TV. I try to remember to daddy on TV everyday. Last week we had to take daddy to Wal mart with us, lol. It was so funny and cute. I should have taken a picture! The portable DVD player was in the seat section and Gwen and Gilbert were in the basket part watching it. We were strolling along down the aisle watching daddy. People would some time stop and look at us but I did not care. I think that was best behaved my kids have been in a store in a while.

I feel bad. I got caught up with watching them watch daddy I totally forgot to take pictures of them watching Gwen's book (the second book).

Sam called that night. I told him he better do another DVD because Gwen and Gilbert absolutely loved it!

Sam told me yesterday that he has and that it will be in the mail soon!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

two peas in a pod

I went to Children's Place last week and I was going to buy Gwen and Gilbert Halloween PJs but saw these ans fell in love with them so I had to get them instead. They are so cute in them

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I got Jessica's ashes and paw print the other day. It was sad because I went to the vets office to get them and Gwen and Gilbert asked if we were picking up Jessie to take her home. I told them that Jessie had died and that she is up in heaven now. Gwen asked with Jesus? I told her yes.

Getting the box with ashes was bitter sweet. I was really glad to have Jessie back but it brought back all my emotion up again. I was really happy to see that there was a couple of her hair stuck in the paw print.
I stuck the box and her paw print in my hutch. Oh and I put her collar in the box to along her old dog tag that I found again a couple days after I got her ashes back.