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Thursday, September 10, 2009


Last night I notice Jessie, my doggy, was not acting right. Earlier in the she had thrown up and now that I was thinking about she was not acting herself earlier that day too. Anyways she threw up twice on my coach! I cleaned that up and really did not think much about it. Then when I was getting ready for my ombudsman dinner I was going to Jessie got a drink of water and threw up right away, right there it should have brought up a red flag but I was so caught up in me and being late that I just cleaned it up and left. When I got home and I finally relaxed I notice Jessie was not being herself and I knew right then something was wrong. In the past I have always ran to vet when ever I though something was wrong, and half the time I was right. But because we don't have a vet in the area I deiced to just wait until this morning to see if was still lethargic. She spent the whole night in one spot on my bed. I waited until 10am and finally said enough is enough and took her to a near by vet. They were able to see us right away. I loved the staff there but not really the veterinarian she was ok but I just did not feel she was that friendly. She diagnose Jessie with canine pancreatitis.

From what I read online:

Canine pancreatitis, is when the pancreas becomes inflamed and disrupts the normal functions of the organ. The digestive enzymes that are normally kept safely inside the pancreas are released too soon and they begin to digest the body itself. Most of the time, inflammation of the pancreas only affects the areas of the pancreas and the liver. Even if it does not progress, this is painful for the dog and can be life threatening.

They wanted to keep Jessica over night and treat her, but just could not afford that. They gave me the option to take her home and do the treatment there. So I oped for that. I have to give her an IV twice a day for two days. I have to give her a couple of shot in the next 24 hour and then she moves onto a pill form of the medication. They so gave (bought) me some food for Jessie to eat when she get her appetite back. Instead of it costing 1800.00 it so far cost me 700.00.

Jessie is my first baby. I have had her for five years and two months. She is such a good dog. It will hurt me to lose her. She is my baby, my princess and I know I complain about the dogs sometimes and how easy it would be with them but you know I love them and it really sad if I lose her.


Christine Denk said...

Michelle, I am so sorry to hear about Jessie. I will promise to keep you and her in my prayers!

Sam said...

I hope she is doing better.