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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

sneak peek . . .

These images are from when we had a family photo shot at the beach here in Cali. They were taken three days before Sam left on deployment.

This was the first time our family did a photo session not in studio and I loved it!!! We ended up having a lot of fun doing our photo session, we were so comfortable and relaxed, and so at ease for the pictures. Ginette, our photographer, was the best. She let us do whatever we wanted plus she add suggestion too, which helped tons. We were a little late showing up at the location, no surprise there, but Ginette was so nice about it. When it came down to taking pictures she got down on Gwen and Gilbert level and "played" with them. She even brought them candy.

Gwen warmed up to her right away. Gilbert took some time but still he had blast digging in the sand while he was getting his picture taken. It was hard to get him away from digging to take some family pictures in the water. Gwen on the other hand wanted to stay in the water. Oh speaking of water . . . oh my goodness the water was so nice and warm that day. I wish we would have been swimming/play in the water all day long.

I have always wanted to do a photo session outside, but just have never done it. I love seeing family picture taken in the great out doors. They are so more inviting. I was really excited for this shot and it turned out just the way I wanted it to. We had so much fun and we made memories that will last a life time.
The pictures I have on my blog are a sneak peek of what was taken. Ginette wanted Sam to be able to see some of them so she show these off on her blog.
I think the pictures have turned out wonderful and I can't wait to see the rest of them!


Heather said...

these are gorgeous!!

Tracy said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures!!!

Aubrey said...

Michelle those pictures are adorable! My favorite is the watermelon one!

Okay, so you have to answer me a question that Elise and I have been debating over for about three weeks. And of course the information online is no help because it all contradicts eachother. So hopefully you can put our minds to rest!! Is it a man or a woman that plays Tink when they fly from the castle to fantasyland?

Anonymous said...

The photo shoot was a lot of fun

Sundin Photography said...

Michelle! Thank you so much for the kind words! I had so much fun with you guys. A beautiful family with lots of joy! The best! :) Hope all is well with you.