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Thursday, January 10, 2008

almost all night

Well last night G&G slept in their beds for the first time! Gilbert woke up at 10:30 and was crying. I think he rolled out of bed because I heard a thump right before he started to cry. I cradle him. He fell back to sleep so I just put him back in bed and things were fine. Until around 3:30 am when Gilbert and Gwenith started to cry. I don't remember which started to cry first, I think it was Gilbert. Sam and I laid in their beds with them but Gwen would not go back to sleep. It would have been cute if it was not 3 in the morning. because she would not go back to sleep she was talking and that was disturbing Gilbert. We then tried to take them into our bed but still Gwen would not go back to sleep. Finally at 4 Sam put them in their cribs. they fell back to sleep. I think it was a very good first night in their beds. I put them in their beds again tonight. It was almost a replay of last night. They both got into their beds I tucked them in and said good night. When I closed their door Gilbert started to cry but it sounded like he stayed in bed and with in a couple of minutes he stopped crying. So far things are good. I have not heard them roll around as much. Lets just hope they sleep all night! Sam has duty tonight so it is just me so I really hope they don't tag team me, lol