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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

the other day pictures

This is from two days ago. We went to the store and Yoplait was on sale so we got some. G&G love and I do mean LOVES yogurt! Almost every time we go to the store and go thought the dairy section they point for them, its cute.

Yes that is chocolate on my couch. Not worried its an old couch and I can just wash it. This is of Gwen and Gilbert kissing last night. They are so cute they are really into kissing right now.

This is of them having a snack before nap yesterday. And yes they are wearing the same cloths from the pictures I posted yesterday but I promise they are different days, lol

This after snack time. I went into the kitchen to clean up. I looked into the dinning room and Gwen has climbed onto the table and was drawing.

Because I thought she was so cute I just left her on the table. Well Gilbert deiced to join her.

This is us going on our walk yesterday


Heather said...

hee hee those shirts look very familiar :) I'm glad to see them wearing them. Are G&G eating well with spoons and forks? Tay does good with them once she gets the food on, but she has a hard time getting it on so I have to help her.

chellekay said...

They actually like to use the fork more. They have gotten really good at it, but it has taken them a couple of months to get use to them.