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Tuesday, January 8, 2008


We bought G&G beds for Christmas and we have tried a couple of time to get G&G to sleep in them. The first time all they did was play. they thought it was so funny. It was really cute to listen to them talk and play. I tried a second time but I was not felling well and it was just the afternoon nap so I let them try for ten minutes then I put them to bed in their cribs. Well a week had past and we have not tried again until tonight. Things were going really well. They had been in their beds for 18 minutes when Gilbert started to knock on the door. I went to get him and he was standing there with his water sippy and blanket. I picked him up and laid in bed with him. He was clamming down when Gwen started to cry and then threw up on herself (again, ugh). We took them out clean up the mess and moved their mattress back into their cribs. We let them stay up for another ten minutes and then put them to bed in their cribs. I think it went well. We are going to do it tomorrow. I think I might do something that really wears them out tomorrow afternoon and put them down right when they are falling a sleep, to see if that helps them sleep in them.

here are pictures of Sam and G&G putting the beds together. I did not help because this is the day after we got back from Utah and I was still very sick, in fact it was the day before I was so sick I spent the whole day in bad.

I promise my house is usually not that messy. I was sick and could not unpack our things yet


Heather said...

thats cool that they are both in their toddler beds already. I havne't even thought of putting Taylar in one yet, I think I will wait a little bit, I wan tto break her of her binki first, lol.

Aubrey said...

So cute! I love the picture of Gwen helping Daddy with the tools!