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Friday, January 25, 2008

G&G appoinment

We are back from Gwen & Gilbert's appointment with their new pedi and we love him!!!!! He is a 1000 times better then the other one she shall never talk about again!! He said "Gilbert is so not autistic" and he would have never referred a 16 month old to speech he would have said something to me about working with Gwen more and if she did pick up any new words by now (18 months) and at the 2 year old appointment he would have then referred us to a speech therapist. Gwen now say about 10 words and Gilbert says 11 words. he just this past week has pick up two new words so he has passed Gwen on saying words. the pedi says they are both look really good. he is a little worry about Gilbert's he tilt, so we are going to start stretching his neck out. i have never notice it before so I guess it is nice to have fresh eyes.

Gilbert is still hold strong at a even 20 lbs, 31 1/2 inches long and 18 1/2 head.
Gwen is now 21 lb 13 oz (she went down in weight but I think the stupid doctor's office weighted her wrong last time), 30 1/2 inches long and 18 1/2 head.

They are still small but they have their own little growth curve which is just fine!!

I really like this new doctor and his nurse. The receptionist was not to nice, but the first thing the doctor said to us was sorry about her. that he saw how she treated us (I did not even see him standing there) and he pulled her in the back room and had a talk to her. She a little rude to me because I was late and said they would only see Gilbert and could not see Gwen because we were 10 minutes late. My only complaint is that I had to pay 6 dollars for parking (dh and I took separate cars) and I did not have any money on me.

just a side note we are going to this nonprofit place (it is privately run) that is working with Gwen and Gilbert to learn how to sign and to encourage them to talk. Gilbert has learned "pick up", "more" and the sign for more. Gwen did not learn anything this week. We have only been going for a week now and we are only suppose to be going for seven weeks, two times a week. So I am excited to see what is going to happen over those weeks.

Oh and both of them know how to open doors now!

one more thing. gilbert has now gone pee twice IN the potty. Gwen has gone pee once ON the potty. She will not sit on the potty unless the lid is closed. they are both sleeping in their toddler beds full time. We removed their cribs from their room last night so their will be no turning back now.


Heather said...

great job!! Tay has not gone in the potty again since that day, now she thinks its a stool, I am half tempted to take the lid off, but I don't want to force her, she'll go when she is ready. Also good job on the beds!! Tay isn't ready for that, I'm waiting until she's 2.