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Monday, May 5, 2008


Well here is the post I did not want to write. I have been putting it off but you know what it does not matter if I don't write it, it still happened!

Sam's ship left yesterday, with him on it! He is gone for the next six months give or take a couple of days. It is very hard knowing he is not just underway and not coming back in two weeks. I keep wanting to call him about little things and I can't. He kept his cell phone and will be able to use it in Hawaii. I can't wait for that!. I miss him so much. We can e-mail each other so that will help so that will help. The time should pass quickly. I will be running around chasing two two year olds. Hopefully I will be working out and losing weight so when Sam gets back I will be looking better then I look now. I would love to look like I did after boot camp. I need to find one of those boot camp style gyms to join. Anyways Sam will be visiting some foreign land, that some that we have gone to before, that will be fun and exciting! I am kind of jealous of him for going to these lands again, I want to come too. Plus Sam should be getting into his work and hopefully making a good name for himself.

I am hoping that I keep telling myself that time will go fast that it actually will go bye fast, lol.

We were there when the ship pulled away from the pier. It was really cute, both Gwenith and Gilbert waved good bye to their daddy. Gilbert said bye as he waved. He says it so cute too. Gilbert really wanted to go up the ladder to his daddy. He started to cry, I don't know if it was because I told him no, or if it was because he wanted his daddy or because he wanted to climb, maybe it was all of them. We stood there watching Sam's ship go out to sea. We watched it until it went under the bridge.

We did not stick around in San Diego long after that, luckily Jetblue had a flight four hours after Sam's ship left so we got tickets for that. Jeremy was able to get a ticket the same flight we had. What is even cooler is that the seats behind me were empty, the flight was almost full!! So when we checked in we asked if they could hold the seat next to Jeremy so that he could have Gilbert seat next to him and they were able to do that. I am glad Jeremy deiced to fly back with us because Gwen was being a butt almost the whole flight, but luckily for Jeremy Gilbert was being very good.

The only real problem we had was with Jeremy, lol. When we checked into Jetblue they said his bag was 15 lbs to heavy. This irritated Jeremy because this was the Same bag he had just check in at Delta two days before and nothing had changed with it. When he check at delta they just put a heavy tag on it and everything was fine. At JetBlue they wanted him to either pay $40 or take out 15 pounds put it in a garbage bag and carry it on. Jeremy pulled out some of his things and put it in my bag. When we went though security he kept setting off the alarm. It turns out his gum wrapper was setting off the alarm! Even though we got to the airport almost two hours before our flight because of the line at the ticket counter and Jeremy having trouble with security by the time we got to the gate it was time for the preboarding which was us. Jeremy was not impress with JetBlue because of the ticket counter help. I still like flying them, but I dislike the bag policy.

Only 182 days (+/- a couple of days) until Sam comes home!


Heather said...

That post made me cry. I'm so sorry that you guys have to be seperated like this I can't even imagine what it is going to take.

btw I love your name tag thingy at the end of your posts, where did you get that?