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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hair cuts

Yesterday (Tuesday) I went and got my hair cut! I chopped 10 inches off!!!! I am once again donating it to locks of love. I did this almost two years ago right before Gwenith and Gilbert were born. I think is the shortest I have had my hair since boot camp in 2001. So far I like it. It is so nice to have it out of my face and off my neck. But I really do miss my long hair too. I wish I could have both types of hair cuts. I always have gotten compliments on my hair and I remember how much people would say they loved it when it was long. I was planning on growing it long again like it was before I joined the Navy but I just got to a point that it was bugging. This is the last time I cut it after this I am going to start growing out again.

The first picture is from yesterday right after I got my hair cut. I was going to take a before picture but I totally forgot to take my picture. The ones with me wearing pink was from today (Wednesday).

While I was at the hair stylist I had Nonie (the person that cuts my hair) cut Gilbert's hair again, that was the fourth time in the last 10 months!!!! We also cut Gwen's bangs. Her bangs were not even and it was really bugging my mom and was bugging me a little bit too, but I really did not want to cut it. But there was a couple of strands that were in her eyes that I deiced to have her bangs cut too. She looks so different now, but very cute!!!!

this is Gwenith and Gilbert Monday the day before the hair cuts.

This is Gwenith and Gilbert yesterday after the hair cuts


Aubrey said...

I really like your hair short Michelle, looks really cute!

Oh, and good luck with the camera, ouch!

Nikki said...

I got your blog address off of PW and thought I'd check it out.

LOVE Gilbert's little cut!! It makes his eyes blue pop and they are so blue! He's such a handsome little guy. And your hair looks great!

Nikki said...

I meant that it makes his blue eyes pop and they are sooooooooo blue! LOL! That's what I get for typing 90 miles an hour with a baby in my lap and 15 kids around me wanting stuff. Ugh! LOL!