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Monday, May 12, 2008


Sam's ship pulled into Hawaii over the weekend! I am so jealous not being there with him. I so wanted to jump on a plane and come visit with him there. I can just picture all the things he will / could be doing while he is there.

Hawaii is such a beautiful, calming place to visit. I love it there the last three times I have been. But all three times I was there with the Navy and only had two to three days to see the place. I would love to go back one day and actually vacation there. I bet you it is ever better!

Sam of course went to the Laie Hawaii Temple there. It was built in 1915!!! It was the first temple dedicated outside of Utah. If I remember right from what I was told back in 2003 the exterior is made of crushed lava rocks and coral! It is dressed by pneumatic stone cutting tools to produce a white cream. Construction of the Laie Hawaii Temple came to a standstill when the supply of lumber ran out. Prayers were uttered, and two days later, a freighter was discovered stranded on a nearby coral reef. The captain offered his entire cargo to the saints if they would unload it for him. His cargo? Lumber—enough to complete the temple. The Laie Hawaii Temple is one of three temples built with no towers or spires. Carved friezes decorate each side of the top of the temple, depicting four dispensations of time: Old Testament Dispensation (west), New Testament Dispensation (south), Book of Mormon Dispensation (north), and Latter-day Dispensation (east).

Sam was able to taste what his midlife crisis will taste like while he is there in Hawaii, lol. The car he rented was a ford mustang. Sam wants one of these I told him that he can have one when he goes though is midlife crisis.


Nicole O'Dell said...

Bittersweet pictures. they'd be better if you were there together! Beautiful, though.