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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I am so upset I was at Target tonight, G&G were acting up and drawing attention to us. I was getting the usual comments, "you got your hands full" and I was just blowing them off, with a smile and a nod. I was getting flustered and was trying to hurry and get the stuff I need and to get out. When I was in the isle looking at shelves trying to figure out which shelves I wanted G&G got out of the shopping cart. We were using a cart has an extend part that can hold two children in the front (where you push), not the cab type ones. Anyways G&G got out the straps and started to run a mock. I was trying to put them back in and tighten the straps on when I notice this old guy starring at us down the isle, about a good ten feet. I gave him kind of a dirty look but he kept on starring at us. It was like he was looking at me wondering why I could not control my kids. It was not a nice look. Finally I said "It is not polite to stare" He then said "I was wondering if you needed help". OK I did not know this guy I was not going to let him touch my babies! I told him no. He still did not move he just stood their and was starring at us. Again I told him "It is not polite to stare". I turned away and walked fast to the check out. I don't know if he was really going to help me out but I hated how he was starring at us.


Beth said...

Hi! This is my first visit to your blog-I found you on The Mom Blogs.

I totally feel you about getting looks from strangers when you are out with your kids. It sucks when you feel people are judging you (or your parenting) by one less-than-perfect moment.

Try not to let it get to you. Most of us have experienced our kids inevitably acting out, melting down, or otherwise just being kids while out in public...and gotten stared at because of it. And I don't know about others, but I usually feel compassion for the moms when those moments arise, not disdain. But there are always unpleasant people who will make ya feel bad.