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Saturday, June 28, 2008


I always knew that one my kids would call me by my first name. Hey all kids do to that to show their independence. But usually it is when they are in their teens. Well for some reason I am no longer mom to Gwen and Gilbert I am now Chelle (without saying the e at the end). I am sure they have picked up calling me this because everyone else in the house calls me Chelle. And it is kind of funny to hear them call me Chelle. But every time they call me Chelle I tell them "I am not Chelle, I am mom!"

Lately they have been picking up a new word everyday. I have lost track at what they can say now. I am so excited that they are finally learning the English language! They have known how to talk for awhile now but unfortunately it was only to each other, I was beginning to worry that they would never want to talk to me, at least in a language that I could under stand.

I love being a mom!!!


Heather said...

lol i love that. taylar calls joey by his name ALL the time, more than she calls him daddy, lol. she calls me heather every once in a while, but mostly its mom, although sometimes i get called dad,lol. i think its cute when they call you by your name, but i always have to say, no you call me mommy.